Libby’s Mind on Wrestling right now

I think we all can agree that the, results of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view was not surprising at all. It is just so typical of the WWE to slap the world title on Randy Orton or John Cena. They think that it’s what’s best for business, but it really isn’t. John Cena is the most overrated superstar I have ever seen in the WWE, and that’s saying something. Of course anybody who is a fan of wrestling could see that. I may not be thrilled about how the pay-per-view ended, but I’m glad that my prediction of it didn’t true. Even with these results, I look forward to what the rumors say is about to come.

Before the Money in the Bank pay-per-view I had this really bad feeling about what was going to happen that night and it is all because of Edge. The Rated R Superstar may have been gone for quite some time, but he left behind a cheap move that several former Money in the Bank winners have used. I had this awful feeling that Seth Rollins would win the Money in the Bank briefcase, which came true, and if Roman Reigns won the title then, Seth Rollins would run out in the middle of Reigns’ victory, cash in the briefcase and take the titles from Reigns. That’s what I felt would happen, because they were putting an emphasis on the two in the previous weeks leading to the PPV. I knew El Berto Del Rio wasn’t going to win because he hasn’t been a main eventer lately and Sheamus is already the U.S Champ, so him winning was a definite no. Bray Wyatt I just don’t see being a champion right now. Cesaro was a potential candidate but my money was on Roman Reigns. I knew for sure that I did not want to see John Cena or Randy Orton as the winner, because they’ve been champions way too often. As for Kane, well everyone knew he wasn’t put in that match to win, so I gave him absolutely no thought.

On the day of the PPV it was pretty obvious that John Cena would be the one winning the belt. So I didn’t want the night to end because Roman Reigns wouldn’t be champion. I looked forward to watching the match for the simple fact that Roman Reigns isn’t a high flyer. He tends to keep his feet on the ground, so I wanted to see how he would do either jumping or falling from a ladder. Jeff Hardy is my favorite wrestler so the bar is raised rather high when it comes to ladder matches. Reigns didn’t come close to performing in this match like Hardy always did, but it was still a good match. He showed the WWE Universe just how strong he is when he lifted those ladders the way he is. I don’t care who won the match, that was THE highlight of the whole thing. So Seth Rollins did win the briefcase and after Cena won the title, I was hoping the other half of my prediction would come true, but it didn’t.

As much as I want Roman Reigns to be the champion, I understand that right now isn’t his time yet, but we can all see that he will be champion soon. With the rumors that I hear, it’s going to be big. So the word is that Brock Lesnar and John Cena will face each other at Summer Slam for the world title and that it will be Lesnar that will be the winner. Lesnar will then keep the title all the way to Wrestlemania. In the mean time, Roman Reigns will win the Royal Rumble, face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now I have a strong dislike of Brock Lesnar. For some reason my whole family can’t stand him and after he beat the streak, I really don’t like him. I also don’t care Cena anymore and with that being said, I HOPE BROCK LESNAR WINS!

There is a meme that has been made with Drew Carry on it that says, “At Summer Slam we will see the Face get booed and the Heel be cheered and Brock Lesnar will lose all the heat for ending the streak.” I have to say that the meme is true. I will cheer for Lesnar this one time. It would just be sad it Cena beat Lesnar after what Lesnar did to Undertaker. That’s like saying, “Lesnar may have ended the streak but he still can’t beat Cena.” It just wouldn’t be right. Also, who better to put Roman Reigns over than Brock Lesnar! And it will be on the biggest stage of them all! Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar, even the sound of that is epic! I hope the rumors are true and can’t wait to see everything unfold. Roman Reigns might actually set new records in the next Royal Rumble. All I can really say is when Roman Reigns wins the world title for the first time at a pay-per-view I will buy that on DVD. Screw the Network and watching it over and over, I will buy it on DVD. Might even buy the Royal Rumble if he wins that too.

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