A Birthday Party

So I mentioned before that I might write a post about my birthday party, but I just keep pushing it off with everything else that is going on. I will make a post about it soon, but in the mean time I talk about this other birthday party that happened this past semester. It wasn’t a big deal, just a small gathering of people singing happy birthday and eating cake. It took place at Crossroads, so it wasn’t a huge shindig.

I have this friend whom I met when I transferred to the school and just knowing him changed my views on a few things. He didn’t know it at first, but he actually showed me that there are actually good guys still out there in the world. He’s the most honest person I know and I will miss him this coming school year because he graduated last semester. For now he is the only friend close to me who knows every ounce of my spiritual path, because when he asked about it, I was so tired of repeating it over and over that I just pulled out my spiritual diary, gave it to him and said, “Here just read this.” This spiritual diary tells more than what I tell people and gives a look into how I think. After he read that I knew I could go to him with any questions or thoughts I had about my relationship with God. What he read in the spiritual diary surprised him a little, but it made him understand me more.

So this year, his birthday fell on a Wednesday and I thought, “Hey we should do something at church for it. Maybe they don’t know it’s his birthday.” So I talked to one of the moms of the kids that we play with and she said she would get a cake for him. So she had cake duty and I went looking for a birthday card. I asked my boyfriend to help me because he’s known him longer than me and the first card my boyfriend picked up was perfect for him. I looked at others before deciding, but that card had his name all over it. So at Crossroads we’re watching this video and we passed the card around for people to sign. I wrote in it saying, “Happy Birthday and enjoy your night off Alfred.” It’s this running gag between us and I think everyone else who signed and read that were probably like, “What?”

My friend always shows up to Crossroads late because of his other obligations. He showed up that night right when we started fellowship and I did my best to hide his card until the moment was right. I helped Marcey get the cake ready, putting over twenty candles on it, and carried it out of the kitchen while she gathered everyone around to sing happy birthday. I stood there holding the cake and could feel the heat of the flames on my face. I was glad that this all worked out. I did not calculate what was going to happen next. It’s time to blow out the candles. My friend is a foot or more, taller than me. He takes a deep breath, leans down, and just blows all the candles out at once, which made the smoke fly in my face. I immediately shut my eyes and jerked my head to the side. It gave everyone a good laugh. I got a pat on my back from my boyfriend and a hug from my friend before I felt it was safe to open my eyes again. It was a fun night but then again, Crossroads always is; except when I left that night. My friend was very happy and thankful, I was just glad that it happened. Candle smoke in my face was my favorite part.

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