CM Punk

CM Punk
CM Punk

CM Punk is a wrestler who I have a major chip on my shoulder for. He is also a former WWE wrestler who I’ve grown some respect for. I’ll admit that I tend to be a sheep, or at least I was, when I watch wrestling. When I watch wrestling now I’ll live in the heat of the moment, give it a few weeks and then I’ll see why things happen the way that they do. I don’t just look at what’s going on in the present, I take a look back at everything that has happened, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about me on CM Punk.

The reason I have this chip in my shoulder for CM Punk is because of what went down between him and Jeff Hardy. I didn’t get to live those moments when Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE because we didn’t have cable and I was also around people who didn’t respect my interest in wrestling and therefore wouldn’t let me watch it. So I didn’t get to live in the moment when Jeff Hardy became the WWE and World Heavyweight Champion. I didn’t even know about it. I got to start watching wrestling again on the night that TNA and WWE started to have a Monday Night War (which didn’t last long) and I’m tuning in to see Jeff Hardy, only to learn that he’s no longer working for the WWE. So I pull up a video that shows me the highlights of Jeff’s career when he returned to the WWE, just to fill me in. I this clip I see Jeff Hardy winning the World Heavyweight Championship. I was excited to see my favorite male wrestler winning a world title. That ended when CM Punk runs out into the ring and cashes in his Money in the Bank contract, resulting in him taking the title from Jeff. I also see the two in a huge feud and Jeff leaving because of it. So after seeing that, I would look at CM Punk on tv and say, “You’re the reason Jeff isn’t in the WWE.” That is why I have this chip on my shoulder with “CM Punk” written on it. I also have one for Edge but that’s for a different post.

CM Punk is also a huge Heel after I got to watch wrestling again. He’d walk out and say all this stuff that just told me that he had an ego he wanted the world to see. He wanted this, he wanted that, and that chip just got bigger and bigger. Well college starts and I miss an entire year of wrestling. I get back into the habit of watching it and CM Punk is nowhere to be seen. I remember my friend telling me about how CM Punk left the company and my initial reaction was, “GOOD!” So it is pretty clear to say that CM Punk is not a fav of mine. I was just a total sheep when it came to him.

One of my favorite memes
One of my favorite memes

I’m not a sheep anymore. The Shield did that for me. So now that I have a more open mind when I watch wrestling, I thought about having a more open mind about CM Punk. I remembered the things that my friend Tim told me about Punk, after he watched Punk’s DVD. I didn’t think about this until someone told me that Roman Reigns has “the look” to be a world champion. The look? Then I realized why CM Punk was the way that he was and why he said all the things that he has about the WWE. It’s because it’s all true. CM Punk wanted what every wrestler wants and that is to get over. Getting over is when a superstar is accepted by the fans and is the person that the fans pay their money to see. That’s all CM Punk wanted, but he was getting rejected and wasn’t put it spots that would get him over. The Main Event at Wrestlemania is the biggest event in the WWE and CM Punk was never offered a spot in one. Instead the spot was given to wrestlers who haven’t been wrestling for years. I.E The Rock and Batista. Then his record breaking title reign wasn’t even celebrated in a way that would get him over. What else is there for him to do? Try to conquer the Undertaker’s streak. I would have been okay with CM Punk defeating him but noooo, WWE couldn’t have that. Although at that time I was still a sheep and heard through the grapevine about how the storyline between Undertaker and Punk was playing out, so actually wouldn’t have been okay with that. That chip on my shoulder would have gotten even bigger had Punk won.

CM Punk might just be an ego maniac, but he’s just making a point. The WWE has shown that there is a typical stereotype that is “best for business” and Punk didn’t want to fit that. He’s straight edge. There have been champions that actually don’t fit the stereotype like Mick Foley, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio… But if the fans at home know how the match will end then that is not what is “best for business.” When CM Punk became a Heel, he brought what I want to see in the WWE today and that is attitude. I want the Attitude era. He also brought truth to the fans and you can see that in the video clip. It is some of his pipe bombs. Am I fan of his, no, but I respect him.

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