Libby’s Mind on GH these days

Well what can I really say? It’s a total soap opera. I am a little surprised at what they’ve done to Rafe. I was actually hoping that Molly would dump TJ and go out with him, but there were a few things about his character that I didn’t like. For starters there is the whole him being in love with Molly and how he handled her rejection. I ship these two but once someone makes it perfectly clear that they don’t want you then move on. I have been in both Molly and Rafe’s place before so I can relate to the situation. I know what it’s like to have a crush on someone, latch onto them and not take no for an answer. But I have matured since then and have been put in several situations where I make a clear rejection and the guy doesn’t take no for an answer. When that happened the first time, I turned around and apologized to all the guys I had bugged. It’s not fun. I don’t like being a heartbreaker and yet I managed to break a few. I have pushed several boys into the friend zone, and it bugs me when they don’t know their boundaries. So when Rafe continued to try and pursue Molly about getting rejected more than once, it bugged me. Just move on.

Well Rafe did move on, but it was to drugs. General Hospital really knows how to catch the audience off guard. After months of Rafe being a no show on the show, it turns out that he is responsible for running Patrick Drake’s car off the road, which caused the death of Patrick and Sabrina’s son. Of all the perps on the show, I did not expect it to be Rafe. I didn’t expect him to be sniffing coke either. Now he’s dead, just when he would reveal to Port Charles that Luke is rogue. (It’s not the real Luke.) He’s been on the show for a little over a year and I didn’t want him to go just yet. He also held secrets about his uncle’s wife Nina. So now Nina’s storyline is going to be dragged on for months to come. I think the only thing that interests me on GH now is Spencer/Emma, Maxie/Nate, and Felix/Lucas. Those are just minor stories too. I’m bored of the Ava story, just kill her off already. There’s this Luke story that will take a year before the big reveal and everything else is just the same thing but on a different day.

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