I’m a huge fan of the movie Labyrinth. It is number one in my heart and my all time favorite. No I’m not talking about Pan’s Labyrinth, I mean the one starring David Bowie. I always wished they would make a sequel to it, but that’s a movie that doesn’t need a sequel. I put a little thought into it and realized that a sequel would not be satisfying. The actors are older now, so the Goblin King we all fangirl after would not be the same; and nobody can replace David Bowie as the Goblin King.

So as I started getting in the hang of using Twitter last year and actually use it right, I started following celebrities and fan clubs. One of the fan clubs I follow is the Labyrinth Wiki page and it has everything on there about the movie. It post photos that we haven’t seen before or already have, but with a different caption. The people behind the Wiki page actually go out to investigate and find information that we don’t know about yet. I think it’s pretty awesome. I would focus on the actors’ pages, but I tend to focus on that one movie. So I’m always looking at what is being posted on the Labyrinth Wiki page.

One thing that I like about this page is that they do what is called a Labychat. It’s when everyone who follows the page, sits down and watches Labyrinth at the same time and post tweets about it. Somehow I always manage to miss the Labychat when it is actually taking place. When I first started using Twitter, I didn’t understand why no one replied to my tweets. I would participate in a Q&A session and would get no response. There was a Labychat session, my first one, going on and I was wondering why my tweets weren’t showing up with everyone else’s. Well I found the source of this problem and fixed it. By this time the Labychat is over and my previous tweets still are not showing up. So I repost everything I just said about the movie and a few days later the page makes a tweet about me. Even though it’s not a celebrity I still felt a little star struck.

Since I missed that one I made a point to not miss the next one… but I did. That’s when I learned that the user of the page lives in the United Kingdom. They posted what time the Labychat would take place and by the time I logged on and started watching the movie, the Labychat is already over. Okay so there’s a time difference I have to get use to, that’s not a problem. Ever since then it’s just been one thing after another. Either I forget or I didn’t see the tweet about when it is or I just haven’t been online. In over a year I have yet to actually fully participate in a Labychat. I’m actually at the point now where I’m telling myself, “screw trying to Labychat with all them at the same time, I’ll just do it on my own.” Me missing a Labychat with the Labyrinth page just never fails.

Give me a piece of your mind

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