Libby talks Seth Rollins

property of WWE
property of WWE

Yes this is another post that is Shield related only this time it isn’t Roman Reigns related. I’m going to take this time and talk about Seth Rollins. Last night on Raw the main event was suppose to be Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Kane in a six man tag team match. I was excited to see that, but then Ambrose got a backstage beat up and the match turned into a handicap match (three on two). The match was kind of dull but something happened during it that is making fans hold their breath. During the match, Seth Rollins received a clothesline from Roman Reigns over the top rope. When Seth landed he immediately started grabbing onto his knee and the referee signaled for a medic to check on him. So now there are rumors flying everywhere that Seth has a serious knee injury and might have to be out for weeks, which also means he has to vacate the Money in the Bank. I will be praying that the injury is not that serious and that he will be performing this weekend at the Battleground pay-per-view. I don’t want to see Seth have to be taken out and vacate the Money in the Bank. Let him keep the contract while he’s out (if he’s out) and cash it in on a spur of the moment

Seth Rollins, the architect of The Shield, the sell out, Mr. Money in the Bank. Am I a fan of his? ABSOLUTELY! Yes I might have reacted a certain way when he betrayed The Shield, but I’m not a total sheep. I see why things happened the way they did of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. WWE split them up because there wasn’t anything left for them. It is like what Dean said when he addressed the betrayal from Seth, “We beat everybody, even Evolution.” Once you beat a stable like Evolution there really isn’t anything left to do except go for the singles gold. We can’t have a stable that is jealous of what the other person has. They just did a number on the fans by catching us off guard with it being Seth to leave. I think all the fans can agree that they would have expected this from Ambrose, not Rollins.

RAW_1103_Photo_207He’s got serious potential to be number one in the WWE and has a championship record to prove it. Lately it’s been Roman Reigns that’s getting the big push, but compare Roman’s achievements in wrestling to Seth’s it’s next to nothing. All Roman has are two tag team titles, a family dynasty, and set a few new records. Seth has a number of world titles which yes are from the independent circuit but they still matter. All of those titles prove that he can be the best. So do I cheer for Seth Rollins? Yes. Do I want him to take the title from Cena? Yes. Do I want him to steal the title from Roman? Absolutely not! (I still believe in Roman Reigns) If it is a fair fight then maybe. After all Seth deserves a shot just as much as Roman Reigns.

There is also a rumor going around that Seth Rollins really isn’t seriously injured. They say that yes he got hurt, but only played off had serious it was. If this injury actually is kayfabe then I hope it will be. I want to see Seth and Dean go at it, this Sunday. I want to see Seth wrestle for more weeks to come. As of right now I’m just on the edge of my seat waiting for a legit update. If he actually is injured then don’t take him out of the spotlight entirely.

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