A Juice Fast

If there is one word that catches my eye it is challenge. I’ve done a few challenges in my life but there were some that I stayed away from; like the cinnamon challenge. I recently learned that the new challenge that all the kids are doing these days is a salt and ice challenge, but I’ll save that for another post. There is one challenge that I’ve been hearing about that has some healthy benefits to it and that is a juice fast.

I first heard about juice fasting when I watched the show Joey and Melissa. The two were getting married and Melissa decided to juice fast in order to lose weight before the big day. The term juice fast was catching me off guard because I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. I did a bit of research and even went on Pinterest about it and found out that it is actually quite a common thing. The more I read about people doing a juice fast and seeing the results, the more it made me want to do one myself.

I told my mom I wanted to start a juice fast and talked to my friend about it. My mom immediately just simply said okay, but a friend of mine was not happy about the idea. I think it is because I told them I want to do a juice fast for a whole month. I told my roommate about my plan and even she wasn’t supportive of it. My friends were telling me about how hard it will be on my body to juice for a whole month and it actually did get me to change my mind.

It’s been a few weeks since then and I’ve decided to go back on the decision I made before. I want to do a juice fast. After recalling all the things my friends have said about it just makes me realize how big of a challenge it could be. I done a bit more reading on it from other people and this time I’m gonna do it. I won’t do it for thirty days like I previously wanted to do, but I will do it for more than three. I figure, start off small and see where I’m at in the end. I also intend to just go cold turkey on soda. Cutting soda away for me will definitely be challenging because I LOVE Pepsi. So for nine days I will be doing a juice fast. I will drink either tea or cranberry juice instead of soda. I will make a post each day during the challenge and hopefully will finish it.

Give me a piece of your mind

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