Nina Clay

This post is featuring one of the newest characters on General Hospital, Nina Clay. Nina Clay is the wife of Silas Clay and thought to be permanently comatose. She arrived on the scene earlier this summer and has demonstrated that although she seems sweet, she’s actually harboring a barrel load of vengeance beneath that smile. She understands that Silas has moved on with his life and is in love with another woman, at least that is what she wants her husband to think. She’s got a hit list and is marking off names as she pretends to be paralyzed in her wheel chair.

I actually like that Nina Clay has entered the scene of Sam and Silas. I’m not a fan of Sam, I like it when she is with Jason but other than that, I do not wish her happiness. It is cruel and I know it, but I’m just not a fan. I also like the choice of actress that they have chosen to portray Nina. I watched her when she was Phyllis on the Young and the Restless. Phyllis was the one that got me hooked on Y and R. So I’m glad she is now on the only Soap Opera that I watch now, the great General Hospital. I don’t like the pairing of Sam and Silas because even if Silas is a different character, Michael Easton will always be John McBain to me and I hated that GH paired him with Sam. For me there will always be John McBain and Natalie Buchanan. So I hope Nina is successful with her plans.

Now the assumptions fans are thinking about, involves the baby that Nina was pregnant with when she entered her coma. Word on the show is that Nina lost her baby because of her comma. The fans think that Kiki is this said baby. Let that sit on your mind the next time you watch the show. Kiki does look more like Nina than she does Ava Jerome. She doesn’t look a lot like Silas and hardly looks like Ava. Now this is a Soap Opera so Kiki being Nina’s daughter could possibly be true. What better way to thicken the story?

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