Salt and Ice Challenge

Just this summer I was introduced to the salt and ice challenge. I’m not sure how long this challenge has been known because I go to school in a bubble. I was at a childhood friend’s house and his little brother wanted to do the cinnamon challenge and I was like, “no let’s do a saltine challenge.” Saltine challenge is when you eat ten saltine crackers and you’re not allowed anything to drink. I pass, my friend pass, but his little brother did not. I’m cleaning up the mess I made from the challenge when I notice his brother saying “Ow.” I turn around and see him holding his arm and making these faces.

Me- “What are you doing?”

Little bro- “Salt and Ice challenge.”

Me- “What’s that?”

My friend- “Oh you don’t know? Here,” grabs my arm “let me show you.”

Me- “What is it? What are you going to do?”

My friend- “I’m going to show you. You’ll see what it does.” He’s hold my arm out and is turning towards the fridge.

Me- “What does it do?”

My friend- “I’m going to show.” Opening the fridge.

Little bro- “It gives you frost bite!”


I laugh every time I think back to that moment and that’s how I was introduced to this challenge. I wasn’t going to do it… at first. I have actually done this challenge four times and three of which took place that night. What this challenge is, is a person takes salt and puts in a specific area on their skin, usually the arm. Then they place an ice cube on the salt and hold it there for a minute. There are some affects to this challenge, but after doing this personally I can say that you don’t really get frost bite. You do, however, end up with a burn mark. The first time I did this challenge was on my leg. I felt a little sting but not much of one. I wondered what the big deal about it was so I did it again, but this time on my arm like everyone else. That’s when I really felt a sting from it. After that was over I just sat there watching the nWo dvd and wonder what it would be like if I did the challenge to my back. So all three of us then did it to our back, all in the same place too. I felt the sting, but still not as much of one that I thought. We stopped doing it after that because it is just a dumb thing to do. A few days later we went swimming and I’m told that a number of people kept asking what was up with our backs.

A few more days go by and I’m at another friend’s house watching Man of Steel and drinking orange soda. We’re sitting there talking while watching the movie and when I finish my drink I stare at my glass of ice. “Hey Frank you got any salt and ice?” He gives me this very confused look and goes, “Uh, yeeeah.” “Can you get me some?” “Suuure. Just salt and ice? Any specific salt? Just regular salt?” He brings in this huge ice cube and a container of salt. I take his arm and apply the salt. (A much larger amount than what I had used before because this wasn’t coming out of a salt shaker) This I put the ice cube on it and hold it there. I stare at his face while I do this, just to see what he does. He stares back at me like, “What are you doing?” I can’t hold my laughter in and ask, “So how does it feel?” He’s still confused and goes, “It’s cold.”

Two seconds later he starts taking deep breaths and yells “And it burns!” He starts getting angry at me for causing him physical pain and starts cursing me out. “I’m going to kill. I’m going to kill you.” I’m just sitting there laughing at it, knowing that he doesn’t mean any of it and because I know the sting isn’t that bad. Once the minute was over I release the ice cube and showed him the damage. He’s still mad at me so I told him that if it made him feel better then he could do it to me. I choose my thigh and apply the salt. He gets the biggest ice cube from his freezer and holds it over the salt for me.

“I’ve already done this three times, it doesn’t STIIIIIIIING!” With the amount of salt I applied I felt it burn in a matter of seconds. I finally understand what the big deal is. Payback is exactly what it was as my friend Frank started laughing at me and my squeals. After my minute was up we lifted the ice cube and I freaked out. Since the ice cube was on my thigh and my friend was pressing down on it, it looked like I had this huge crater in my leg. The crater was filled with water and Frank is going, “Holy shh, I made a lake.” I’m freaking out and covering it with my hand to warm it up and make it go away. That’s when I decided that’s it, no more. It’s been almost a month and the mark from the crater is still on my thigh.

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