The Cinnamon Challenge

I mentioned before that I like to take challenges but there are some that raises red flags. In high school there was the cinnamon challenge, which swept the nation as teenagers all over did it. For the cinnamon challenge one must take a spoonful of cinnamon and swallow it. No fluids or anything else, just the cinnamon. Sounds simple, right? It is anything but. A lot of teenagers don’t realize the powder substance of cinnamon and the fact that it is a spice. I have never participated in this challenge but I have friends who have and I think one of my brothers did it too. I even have videos of my friends doing it. That was actually a fun day now that I recall it. I wasn’t in the cafeteria when my friends stood in a circle to do this, I was sitting on the floor in hallway outside the cafeteria. I was talking to a friend about her brother when she looks over my shoulder and goes, “Oh look there’s my brother now.” I turn and look to see my friend Michael rushing to the water fountain but patiently waits to get a drink. The look on his face told me something was up, but I didn’t say anything. I just turned back to my friend and continued the conversation. “Talk about ‘speak of the devil.’” It was seconds later when I looked back down the hallway and saw my friend Pablo running to the water fountain, spit this brown stuff out of his mouth and gulps down all the water that he can. Now I really know that something is going on. Turns out the whole group of them were doing the cinnamon challenge. That day lead to my school banning students from bringing cinnamon. They caught the attention of a good size crowd and for the rest of the week I would walk through the cafeteria and see a few tables with students trying to conquer this challenge. At one point I felt a want to do it, but that went away fast. People have actually died from doing this challenge and it is one I never plan on doing.

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