No More WWE Magazine

The WWE has announced that they will no longer produce a magazine for the company due to budget cuts and circulation decline. I am very upset to hear this, because I recently have been thinking about getting a subscription for it. I remember my first WWE magazine was a RAW magazine with Lita and Trish Stratus featured on the cover. I still have a few pictures that I cut out of that magazine lying around today. I even joke about how I will put the photo of Lita’s marriage to Kane in my own wedding album when the big day comes.

I been trying to find the WWE magazine at stores in St. Louis but haven’t had much luck with it. So I started to think that there just wasn’t a magazine period. I finally find one at a Shop N Save, but unfortunately I couldn’t buy it, because I didn’t have the money. No big deal I’ll just wait until I can gather enough money and get a subscription. Only now I keep hearing that after October there officially will no longer be a WWE magazine. This just blows! First I get back into the habit of watching wrestling and become a huge fan of The Shield, but then they break up after destroying Evolution. Now I make a plan to get a subscription to the magazine and this happens! What’s up with you, WWE?

I’m not going to sweat all that much because there is still a pro wrestling magazine out there and that is Pro Wrestling Illustrated. I’ve seen it before in stores and apparently it’s the number one magazine of the sport. So it looks like I will be getting a subscription to PWI. It might actually be better because the magazine doesn’t just cover WWE but also TNA, ROH, and a lot of independent wrestlers. I’ve always been oblivious to the independent scene but I’m more curious now to get into it because wrestlers like CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose have had careers in the independent circuit that were huge. So it would be cool to see future big time wrestlers before they work for the WWE.

Give me a piece of your mind

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