16 Days Left

Well it’s been a rather boring summer but I’ve made it through, thanks to wrestling. I’m really glad I’ve gotten hooked on it again. It brings back so many memories from ten years ago. Before me and my boyfriend became official I remember sitting with him one day and trying to have a conversation. It was a night that dinner was held in the Wellness Center instead of the dining hall. The place was crowded and there wasn’t really anywhere to sit. We had to eat our dinner on the steps leading to the second floor where the offices are. I sort of liked it because it was the first time we were alone and we were out of sight from our friends, so no one would bother us. This was only the beginning of a good night, but that’s leading too far off subject. So we were sitting there on the steps, eating our dinner, and I asked, “So when you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?” I asked this question because I was interested in his answer but also so that I could share what I wanted to be; which is a list of a few interesting careers. (I had a few weird dreams as a kid) He tells me that he wanted to be a NASCAR driver. Well since we’re on the subject of sports. “Well when I was younger I wanted to be a professional wrestler for the WWE.” I started laughing at the expression on his face, because none of my friends really knew that I liked wrestling. I try not to talk about it because I’ve been around people, who completely disrespect my interest in it, so I didn’t want to bring it up and my friends say something about it. At the time that I told my boyfriend about this, I said it in a tone that pretty much said “Oh ha ha! Look at the crazy ideas that kids get.” Now that I’m hooked again, I remember why I wanted to become a professional wrestler.
I’ve mostly been using wrestling to distract myself from thinking about the miles between me and my boyfriend. Our relationship’s progression is slow, like REAL slow, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m actually really happy about it. I’m done rushing into things. Time to let things just fall into place. The breaks from school just add to our slow progression. But the time is coming for me to head back and I will see him soon. When I look back on this summer I will say that it was wrestling that helped me be occupied. I tried getting a job but it’s been one road block after another. Suddenly my friends act like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth but a few have actually bothered to talk to me. So if it wasn’t for wrestling, I would be stuck in my bedroom just bored out of my mind. Now there are just two weeks left of my summer vacation. I only have a few things to look forward to.
A) Packing
C) My brother’s wedding
I’m also going to an independent wrestling event this Saturday. I’m pretty stoked about that because I don’t know who the wrestlers are so when I watch it, my judgment won’t be bias. It will also be my first live wrestling experience, so I really hope I see a good show. I’ve decided to get more into the indie scene because several wrestlers in the WWE have had big careers as independent wrestlers. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, just to name a few. Who knows, maybe one of the wrestlers I see this Saturday will end up in the WWE someday. If that happens then I can say that I saw them perform before they hit the big leagues.

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