I’ve been looking into Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose’s independent wrestling career since The Shield broke up. It is really interesting to see how the WWE is pushing Roman Reigns and when you watch The Shield’s matches, you get this feeling that Roman is the most dominant and skilled performer. Given his family’s reputation you just know that he is going to be a great performer, but once you look into Roman Reigns’ past you will realize that he’s a newbie. Dean and Seth have more experience in the business than him and they definitely have won more championship belts. Seth Rollins use to be Tyler Black and was part of a stable called Age of the Fall on ROH. Dean Ambrose use to be Jon Moxley and is the most talented wrestler I’ve ever seen. When he leaves wrestling he should seriously look into acting, because his indie promos are AWESOME! It is because of the successful independent careers of Seth and Dean that I’ve decided to start watching independent wrestling. Ring of Honor seems to be the biggest independent wrestling promotion, but I have a hard time remembering to watch TNA so having a habit of watching ROH is slim to none. Then I thought, how do people even know about these indie shows?

Yep. I went there
Yep. I went there

I’m from St. Louis which is known for “Wrestling at the Chase” before WWF and WCW became the two huge promotions in the 80s and 90s. Several WWE legends use to wrestle back in the day at the Chase Park Plaza. There no longer is wrestling at the Chase, but I have found two indie shows here in St. Louis. When I found these shows I figured, “What the heck, I might just see a future WWE Superstar.” I want so badly for my first live wrestling experience to be the WWE, but sometimes you have to start small. As of this past Saturday my first live wrestling event was the MMWA at the South Broadway Athletics Club. For eight dollars I got to see a good show. I didn’t look up the wrestlers who would be performing before going to the show and I had a particular reason for it. The good thing about going to an independent show when you don’t know the wrestling is just that, you don’t know the wrestlers. So when you see them in action, you focus more on their wrestling abilities than them being a heel or face. Which will make your judgment not bias.

I got my photo taken with Moondog! He's a big deal
I got my photo taken with Moondog! He’s a big deal

Saturday night was fun. I love seeing how the crowd reacted to everything. The show opened with the announcer saying, “I introduce the new commissioner,” and everyone immediately started booing. I guess the commissioner is a Heel. There were two wrestlers that everyone went nuts for and I dub to be the Ric Flair and John Cena of MMWA. One was named Moondog and the other Everett Scott. The women went nuts for them and this group of little girls screamed whenever it looked like they were losing. Sometimes little kids should just stay home. What I really enjoyed was seeing the wrestlers interact with the audience which is something you rarely see in the WWE. The Heels would yell at the fans or talk back to them, it was great! Definitely worth the eight dollars and after the wrestlers performed and changed out of their gear, they stuck around for a chit chat or getting something to eat. It was cool to see that because I typically think that there is this veil between fans and wrestlers and wrestlers hanging around like that, is a no no. Plus, it was three hours of wrestling with no commercials!

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