Busy weeks, late on wrestling

I am two weeks behind but I’m going to try and recap my thoughts with wrestling lately. I will start by saying that it sucks for me that TNA has moved to Wednesday nights. I just mastered having a habit of watching it, especially with Jeff Hardy being on there, but I won’t be able to watch it anymore. I have stated in previous blogs that I have Crossroads on Wednesday nights. With my friend Kyle gone, those kids rely on me now to bring them joy and fun. So I definitely won’t be missing a Wednesday service.

With TNA out of the way, I hope I will be able to catch ROH. The channels where I’m at now are different and I’m not even sure if it airs down here. I really want to start watching that. Jimmy Jacobs looks like a cool wrestler but I have yet to see him perform. Watching his past matches on YouTube is just not the same. I feel like you can only watch matches when they occur to get the spirit of it. Watching a match once is enough, unless the match was just that good. So yeah, I plan to become a fan of ROH.

Now on to WWE. Seth Rollins versus Dean Ambrose in a Falls Count Anywhere for the main event was AWESOME! I loved the entire match. I didn’t care who would win. I just knew that I was going to see a good match. It is definitely match of the year and will go done in my book as my second favorite main event. I will be talking more about this match in a different post.

What happens when Dean Ambrose doesn’t show up because he is “missing”? You get a boring show. I like the turn they have taken with Roman Reigns now getting involved with Seth Rollins, but this Bella feud is just a waste. Nobody is buying that Nikki hates her sister. Let Adam Rose appear more. (Who, by the way is undefeated. Just saying. At least he doesn’t rub it in people’s faces like Bo Dallas did.) I could do without this Rusev dude. Seriously, the past two weeks weren’t as good as they could have been. I’ll be posting more on certain storylines soon.

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