So About that Juice Fast

Those who have been following my blog are probably wondering where are my journal entries about the juice fast. Well here is the truth about that juice fast. I had to quit it after three days. It’s not just that I wanted to eat but something happened that caused me to stop.

So I made it past two days. Before I started the juice fast I read what people were saying about their experiences with it and suggested that you start small and then work your way to a whole month. I just wanted to do it for nine days. I had everything I needed for it. I bought spinach, cucumbers, carrots, and green apples. Got it from the farmers market so I was pretty much stocked up on everything. I made two juices to get myself started, I also bought cranberry juice to help flush out my kidneys.

Day one goes by and I’m completely fine. I didn’t experience any dizziness or aggression like I’ve read in some blogs. Day two goes by and still nothing. I don’t have any of the symptoms that other people have. I thought, “well this is easy.” Didn’t eat any foods, I just drank my juice. Day three, I go to Grant’s Farm with my family and then head on over to a friend’s house to watch the Pay-Per-View.

Now during the summer me and my friend were doing a little bit of backyard wrestling and made a few videos of it. We posted them on Facebook and a few of my other friends found them to be really enjoyable. However, after this day that all had to stop, including my juice fast.

During the PPV we’re watching this match and my friend’s mom goes, “I want to see you two try and do that move.” I watched several videos of this move, which is a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker, and decided, “Alright let’s do it.” It didn’t look that hard. So we watch a few more videos of the move after the PPV was over and then tried to figure out how we would work the move. I was one that would have the move done onto them while my friend initiated it.

We think we have it all figured out and we did a walk through of the move. It was good. So then we just did it and it worked. “Okay now we need to perfect it.” We did it one more time and that was when I realized we were doing it on the wrong knee. I was flipping over his right shoulder and needed to hit his right knee, but we did the move to where I was hitting his left knee instead. After spotting this mistake we tried to do it the right way. That is where it all went wrong.

I ran up behind him and flipped over his shoulder. He caught me but then he dropped me. From my perspective this is what I experienced: I go over his shoulder and my head hits the floor. My body is coming down to one side and is starting to cause me neck to bend in a weird way. I can’t see anything but darkness because of my friend’s body. I hear cracking up my neck, three to be exact and start to freak out because I have no idea what is going. My friend’s body language is telling me that they are going to fall forward and if that happens then my neck will break. So I let out a yelp.

Luckily my friend caught me at the last second and gently laid my body down. I get up as soon as I can and I’m in a little shock. I’m holding on to my neck and looking at everyone, who aren’t hiding their concerns. Each one of them said pretty much the same thing. “Oh my gosh are you okay? Are you okay?” I look at everyone while I’m holding my neck then back at my friend and say, “What happened?!”

“You, you just…slipped.”

“What happened!” I’m worried that my neck is broken and I tell them, but none of us actually know what a broken neck feels like. We calmed down after that and decided that would be the last night for our backyard wrestling. Funny thing is, after about five minutes from that happening, I got up and said, “Okay let’s do it again.” We went through the move a few more times after that and even record a little match. I still had concern for my neck and looked up what the symptoms are. Apparently people can go months, even years, without knowing their neck is broken. When I told my mom, she shared the story about my grandfather or great grandfather having a broken neck for two weeks without knowing about it. So I became very alert.

I looked up the symptoms and found that dizziness is one of them. I have been running on three days of not eating food, dizziness had to occur soon. With all of this said, the reason why I stopped my juice fast wasn’t just because I wanted to eat food, but because I needed to make sure my neck wasn’t broken. If I started to have dizzy spells, I wouldn’t have known if it was because of the juice fast or a broken neck.

My neck is fine. I just cracked it, which I hardly ever do. I was told by my mom to stop with the backyard wrestling and my boyfriend agreed. After that scare, I agree too. I kept getting bruises from it too, but no more for me.

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