Once Upon a Time Challenge- Day 30- Best Season Finale

I’m going out of order with this but I don’t care. So the best season finale of Once Upon a Time would have to be season three. There were so many jaw dropping moments. For starters they made a reference to Star Wars when Emma said her name was princess Leia. The show has been following the Disney fairy tales more than the original stories. With Disney buying the Star Wars franchise Leia is now considered a Disney princess. I found that to be a reference to the big buy.

I thought the most jaw dropping scene of the entire episode was when Regina and Robin Hood enter Grannys. They’re in love with each other. Regina is no longer evil and has her happy ending. That is until we find out that the woman Emma brought with her is Maid Mariam, who was thought to be dead. I found myself raising a fist at the tv and shouting, “Curse you Emma Swan!” Everything was right. Everyone was having their happy ending. Now Regina has a broken heart and it is only a matter of time before her evil side slips through.

As if that wasn’t enough, the show ends on the biggest cliffhanger yet. Elsa has entered Storybrooke. What exactly is going to happen this coming season is a huge mystery. Writers say that the show will follow along with the story from Frozen but Elsa came out of Rumple’s vault. His vault of dark magic and magic he couldn’t control. So why was Elsa in there? Well only three more weeks and we will find out.

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