A new found appreciation for a professor

When I first arrived to my school I was hit with a major culture shock. I grew up in a city and attended public schools my whole life before this point. I have seen all types of people and have been around several different types of religions practiced in this world. I myself have had a very bumpy spiritual path and have hit a few road blocks before reaching the point where I am now. I wasn’t expecting to come to a school that is so involved in their faith. In fact my first night here I called a friend and said, “Jesus is everywhere.” This was during the time that I was at one of those road blocks on my path. This means I was very opinionated towards Christ and not in a good way. During my first semester at my school I gained a habit of walking into the school’s store and just check out the Bibles. My first trip to the store I looked at the novels that were on sale. One novel in particular caught my eye just by its title.

I can clearly remember picking this book up and looking at the cover, then saying to myself, “Of course they would have a book like this here. It’s not that simple. You can’t just do that.” I then put that book back on the shelf and walked out of the store. Well during the semester I saw the book a few more times. First there was the bookstore and then I saw the book in the school’s library. I still had a bad attitude towards it. I saw the book a third time when I went to a friend’s house for the weekend. I noticed it lying around, but I didn’t say anything about it. I never asked my friend about the book until I was with her in the library one day and she had a major interest in the book. She commented that she had read the book and it seemed that she had this huge interest in the author. She actually met the author. That was when I asked a question or two about the book, but my memory is failing to recall the conversation clearly. Meanwhile, that roadblock I was at started to disappear but it wasn’t gone. I ended that semester still unsure about where I was headed on my spiritual journey.

My second semester begins and I’m in a class where I have to focus on myself and my spiritual journey. One of the big assignments for us was that we were required to write a spiritual journal. That assignment really helped me reflect on myself and see what I’ve been through that brought me to where I was. During this semester I went through a lot of changes on my spiritual path and by the end of it, I was saved. I was so focused on myself during this semester that I didn’t have the same habits like I did before. The semester was different than the one before and I had to make a few adjustments. By the end of the semester, everything seemed to be in order.

Third semester starts and I know very clearly where things are going as far as my spiritual path. I take a Death and Dying class, which a few people couldn’t understand why I wanted to be in that class. My psychology advisor gave me this very confused expression about it and kept asking why. Can a person just take a class because they want to? Anyway, I really enjoyed the class. There were a few times when I questioned why I was in there but it really taught me a lot. I liked the professor and there was something about her that just made a buzz in my head. I couldn’t put my finger on it just yet but I knew it had something to do with her name.

One night at Crossroads I had a bad experience, which you can read about in a previous post, and it was probably the worst one I’ve ever had while being here at school. My biggest thing about it was that no one here could relate to the spiritual path that I have had. The semester ended and everything seemed to fit just right. I was sitting at lunch with a few friends and one of them was telling me about a sale in the book store. I don’t need anything out of there so I didn’t really care. Somehow I went from sitting at my lunch table to standing inside the book store. I didn’t even need to be there.

Oh well, I’ll just do what I usually do in here and headed to the Bibles. I stood there looking at the Bibles and without even thinking about it, I stood up straight and walked to the next aisle. I found myself staring at that same book I saw the first time I walked into the book store. It was almost as if I knew exactly where it was. I reached up and picked the book off the shelf. I turned it around to see if there was a picture of the author on the back and once I did, my eyes went wide. I found out then and there that my Death and Dying professor is the author of From the Cauldron to the Cross: My Journey from Wiccan to Christian. Finally someone who I could relate to and she had been in front of me the whole time. Timing is everything and I realize now why I walked into the bookstore that day. It was the big man’s way of saying, “This is what you avoided by coming back to me.” I bought the book, read it and it has really opened my eyes.

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