Living Room Wrestling!

I have here a video of the wrestling that I did with my friend this past summer. This video was taken on the night that my neck almost broke. (Read: About the Juice Fast) We actually did this after our botchmania incident. See I’m fine. I have so much fun doing this even though it did not come out looking the way we wanted it to. If we had more space to work with then my Twist of Fate wouldn’t have looked like a Stone Cold Stunner. In fact if we had more space then all of it would have been better. My friend attempted to do a DDT on me but he just couldn’t work it. The match would have been longer too, but with our resources, that was the best we could do.

I have posted all of the videos that we took of our wrestling on YouTube and I kinda like the results. I liked the feedback I was getting before I posted them on YouTube. After the night that this video was taken, our moms agreed to no more wrestling. I admit that I said we wouldn’t do it, because of my neck, but as the days went by, I couldn’t help but want to do it. One Friday night we head to the bowling alley to see my uncle and one of his friends comes up to me and goes, “So who won the wrestling?” He’s nudging me and I’m just standing there thinking: What?

“Yeah I was hoping to see someone do a drop elbow or a Jimmy Superfly Snuka.” Then I realize, oh he’s talking about my wrestling. “Yeah I was really disappointed with the last one where you said you guys wouldn’t be doing it anymore. I was like, ‘Man that was my lunch break at work.'” That really put a smile on my face to know that those videos brought enjoyment to people. Even if it is cheap entertainment, people like it.

Then at my brother’s rehearsal dinner for his wedding the videos were brought up in conversation. One of the groomsmen turned around and told me, “You need to post more of those wrestling videos because those are funny.” Wow, it feels good to have fans even if they are just my friends. These comments really added to the want that I felt to wrestle around. Just as long as I didn’t break a bone.

I don’t know why but last week I just decided to post our videos on YouTube. The reason for it was because a few of the videos were posted on a profile that my friends couldn’t see. So even if I were to share the videos on Facebook, my friends couldn’t see them. These videos included the two in this post. After posting the videos, I got comments asking if we could do more. That really meant something to me. It made my friend feel good to see someone say we were awesome for what we did and ask if he could put me in a figure four leg lock. I laughed when I read that because he’s ALWAYS putting my in a figure four. The only thing I feel bad about is that, we won’t be able to make another video for three months. So those who are waiting to see what we will do next are going to be waiting a while. On the plus side though, this gives us plenty of time to figure out exactly what it is we are going to do for the “Big Match”. It gives us time to find a good cameraman (that’s been our biggest issue) and a set up where we won’t be interrupted. As you can see at the end of the first video his dad kinda messed up the shot by telling us to calm down. Hopefully that won’t happen in the next one.

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