Enough with the hating on Roman Reigns

Photo by: WWE Roman Reigns
Photo by: WWE
Roman Reigns

It seems to me lately that the only thing that wrestling fans want to do is criticize Roman Reigns. Do you guys have anything else to do than hate on everything that Roman Reigns does? If they aren’t talking about Reigns’ arsenal, then they’re talking about his mic skills. If they aren’t talking about his mic skills then they’re talking about the actions he is taking to get his revenge on Seth Rollins for Curb Stomping Dean Ambrose into cinder blocks. Enough with the hate already! Why can’t you just sit back and enjoy the show? You don’t have to become a sheep, just lay off with having to critic everything. Need I remind all the wrestling fans that it takes two people to work a match. It takes two wrestlers to sit down together before their match and talk about what moves they want to do. So stop putting all of the heat on Roman just because he’s always using his “five moves of doom.” They call them signatures and finishers for a reason!

Taken by WWE.  Roman Reigns catches Heath Slater by surprise.
Taken by WWE.
Roman Reigns catches Heath Slater by surprise.

Now that I mentioned it, let’s talk about Roman’s move set and the big issue everyone has with it. I’ll start with the Samoan Drop. Hate to break it to you but Roman Reigns is Samoan and all of the Samoan wrestlers do a Samoan Drop. Now about his Drop Kick. That Drop Kick is genius. Roman Reigns figured out how to us ring to his advantage so that he can unleash a move that you normally have to jump really high for in order to deliver it. Roman, however, doesn’t even have to jump that high in order to hit his opponent with his drop kick. It takes creativity to think of a move like that. As for his Superman Punch, WHO ELSE IN WRESTLING HISTORY DOES A SUPERMAN PUNCH?! Exactly, no one. I’ll admit that there have been a few times where the move wasn’t delivered as best as it could have, but most of the time it’s awesome. Now the clothesline, I will say he tends to rely on that move more than he should, but once again it takes TWO wrestlers to work a match. And the spear is AWESOME! I love his war call that he does to signal to the WWE Universe that he’s about to spear someone.

Bret Hart can be quoted of saying that “If you’ve seen one Ric Flair match then you’ve seen them all.” Well Matt Hardy can be quoted of saying that “If you’ve seen one Bret Hart match then you’ve seen them all.” The point that Matt Hardy was making is that it doesn’t matter the moves that a wrestler does, it’s all about how and when they use those moves. After reading this in the Hardy Boyz book, I understand what the problem is that everyone is having with Roman Reigns. It isn’t that they’re tired of Roman using his signature moves in all of his matches. They’re tired of seeing him do the same moves in the same order, in all of his matches. It can get old, but if it worked for Ric Flair and Bret Hart why can’t it work for Roman Reigns?

Photo by: WWE Roman Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch
Photo by: WWE
Roman Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch

The thing that a lot of wrestling fans don’t realize is that Roman Reigns is still a newbie. Yes he comes from the biggest wrestling family in the business, but Roman hasn’t been wrestling for that long. Pull up his resume and compare it to his former Shield members. Roman has only been a tag team champion. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose both have had a huge and successful career in the indies. That’s why they are so talented in the ring and on the mic, because they have the experience to back it up. Roman may have grown up around wrestling but he’s a football player. His resume includes football, FCW, a brief role on NXT, and moving up to the main roster. He’s still developing and he has done other moves, but WWE hasn’t allowed him to do those moves just yet. Like his Checkmate that he did down in development, that would be great for Roman to do in the ring now. Yes Roman has a lot of work to do before winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but like I said, it takes two wrestlers to work a match. So stop putting so much heat on Roman Reigns.

Now about those the mic skills. I am not going to sit here and say that Roman Reigns is the best that I’ve seen on a mic, because he isn’t. I don’t agree that CM Punk is the best on a mic either. The best I’ve seen on a mic and can’t cut a superb promo is Dean Ambrose. Go check out his promos from the indies, they are better than anything I’ve seen from CM Punk. I’m not saying that Roman Reigns is awful on a microphone. He’s a lot better than some of the wrestlers that have been in a WWE ring. Roman Reigns is really trying his best when it comes to promos and the mic. He’s got the looks that could kill and make all the women faint, but he does have work to do when it comes to the mic. The thing about the mic when it comes to Roman Reigns is his character. Before the implosion of the Shield, Roman was always the dominant force who only needed to say little to get his point across. He spoke little words but we all knew he meant business. Can’t he still be that same character?

Photo by: WWE Seth Rollins narrowly dodges a cinder block to the face from Roman Reigns
Photo by: WWE
Seth Rollins narrowly dodges a cinder block to the face from Roman Reigns

I mentioned above that Roman has gotten criticism about the way he is handling his revenge on Seth Rollins. I’m not making this up, my Bleacher Report had an article posted about how Roman Reigns took things too far when he threw that cinder block at Seth Rollins. “He shouldn’t be getting his revenge with the same violence that was used to take Dean Ambrose out of action.” Really? This is wrestling! I haven’t seen something that ridiculous since the Kelly Kelly and Drew McIntyre story line, “You’re a bully,” or the night that RAW went on strike because it was an “unsafe environment”. I hear and read all the time, people’s complaints about how they want the Attitude Era back, but when WWE gives them just a hint of that Attitude Era, articles like the one I just mentioned are written. Roman Reigns throwing that cinder block at Seth’s head was probably the highlight of the whole night. He was stabbed in the back and his best friend was severely injured by the person who stabbed him the back. How else is Roman suppose to get his revenge?

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