Roman Reigns has a hernia!

So this morning I woke up early for a Saturday. I took a shower and got myself dressed for brunch. As I waited for the time to come to head out, I surfed my Twitter feed. I saw a few post on there that I disagreed with and even made a few tweets about them. There was one tweet that made me suspicious about Sting. As well all know Sting can be very cryptic. He is the third wrestler to make a tweet about Monday. The other two were Roman Reigns and Cesaro. I can only hope that Sting makes his debut Monday but I don’t see it happening. It is most likely just going to be a trailer for the 2k15 game.

I head out to brunch and sit with my friend Andrew. We both are amazed at how good the food in Mellers today is and that they served us Krispy Kremes! I saw those boxes and Andrew goes, “Are those Krispy Kremes?!” It was like Christmas morning. We sit down and eat our food. I even posted a photo of my donuts on Instagram. We have a nice conversation and in the middle of it I check my notifications on my phone. I have a notice from my Bleacher Report and two from Facebook. I don’t even pay attention to what the Bleacher Report said, my eyes went straight to a notice from Facebook: Mary shared a link on your timeline. Well what could this be?

I open up the notice on Facebook and find that my friend posted a link to an article on my wall asking if I had heard anything about it. I read the title of the article and it says, “Roman Reigns undergoes emergency surgery”. I immediately shout out, “This better be a prank!”, because lately people have been posting fake article links on Facebook. Since I said it out loud, my friend Andrew is curious. I follow the link to an article that has been posted on “What! Roman Reigns has an incarcerated hernia!”

“Well he’ll be out for a while,” says my friend Andrew.

Are you kidding me! The day before the pay-per-view! Why does he have to have a hernia now! I tried to say that “Oh it’s just a hernia. He won’t be out that lon- Oh who am I kidding! He’ll be out for weeks!” I’ve never had surgery for a hernia but my uncle has and he couldn’t do anything for weeks. This puts a damper in several things. What is going to happen now at Night of Champions? Will Dean Ambrose make his return by stepping in for Roman? Is this actually real or is it kayfabe? I have my fingers cross and am hoping that this is actually kayfabe.

I have never hovered on social media so much but every second I am refreshing my Twitter feed just waiting to see an update. It sure gave my friend Andrew a couple of laughs today. I sat there whining about the news and shouting out “Stupid hernias!”. He even said, “I think it’s time for an intervention.” I don’t have a problem, I can stop whenever I want! We started joking around about how I’ll be walking around outside and out of nowhere this pillowcase will come over my head and the next thing I know, I’m tied to a chair in a room with all my friends. “We just want to help you.” That will actually be interesting to see.

On a real note, I am very upset by this news. It is so out of the blue too. It’s trending on Twitter and everyone is waiting for updates. I just want to know for a fact that it is real. I’ve see a few tweets that have made it a little suspicious. A radio talk show host tweeted to Cageside Seats that Roman seemed healthy and fine when he visited them. This happened at ten o’clock this morning. I’m not saying it is legit but WWE has made kayfabe articles all for the sake of the story. Like how Dean Ambrose refusing medical attention and is currently missing, when we all know that his absence is due to shooting a moving. The update that we’re told to be getting isn’t even up yet! What’s up with that WWE!? If it is real then not only will I be whining like baby, but I will also be praying for a safe recovery.

Give me a piece of your mind

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