Roman Reigns recovery

Photo by: WWE Roman Reigns
Photo by: WWE
Roman Reigns

This day is just the worst that I’ve had all week. There I was enjoying my brunch when I received the news about Roman Reigns being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. My immediate reaction was, “This better be a joke!” Sadly for me, it wasn’t. Roman Reigns had to undergo surgery for a incarcerated hernia. He noticed for a while now that something was wrong and after waking up this morning with abdominal pain, he sought out the WWE medics. After finding out the issue he immediately went into surgery. This all has happened so fast with the time table I was given that it was almost a little suspicious. Out of nowhere he has a hernia and immediately goes in for surgery. The first article about it was posted on WWE’s website and the WWE has published false articles before, all for the sake of kayfabe. After all Dean Ambrose is “missing”.

If only that were true. If only this was kayfabe, but it’s not. Roman Reigns did undergo surgery for a hernia and will be out for THREE MONTHS! This suuuucks! Whhhhy? You all know how big of a fan of Roman Reigns I am, so hearing this is like telling me there will no longer be Twinkies. That’s actually happened before, so you all know what I’m trying to say here. And it just had to happen the day before Night of Champions!

But the show must go on. There have been rumors flying around that Dean Ambrose would make his return at Night of Champions to assist Roman in his match. Well that can still happen. Just make it to where no one has heard from Roman and they’re not even sure if he will be there for his match. Then when it is time for the match, out comes Dean Ambrose in his place. As of right now, THAT IS WHAT IS BEST FOR BUSINESS! Don’t just cancel this match like the one at Battleground. And when they write him out, he better still have his dignity, because there is no way they can just not address this.

Does this push Roman back on his road to winning the championship, nope. The rumor of him winning the Royal Rumble and then taking the title from Lesnar at Wrestlemania can still happen. He’ll only be out for three months. He could make his return at TLC. Even better, he can return at Royal Rumble and win! We all love seeing the Royal Rumble entries. If John Cena can return at Royal Rumble and win, why can’t Roman Reigns? If Batista, who hasn’t even been wrestling for years, can make his big return at Royal Rumble and win, why can’t Roman Reigns? I don’t care if there are fans who don’t like him, winning the Royal Rumble would be huge for him. He already set a new record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match, which by the way is voted as number two on the WWE Countdown. I think he can do it and I think it will happen. I JUST WISH HE WASN’T OUT FOR THREE MONTHS! My catchphrase all day has been “STUPID HERNIAS!”

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