Dean Ambrose is BAAAAAACK!

The title is right! Of course by now, many fans already know this. We all knew it was coming but with Roman Reigns’ current condition, a number of fans were wondering if the rumors about Dean Ambrose’s return were going to come true. The rumors before this unpredictable hernia surfaced were that Dean Ambrose would return at Night of Champions to help his fellow Shield brethren out. Unfortunately Roman Reigns had to undergo emergency surgery and could not compete at Night of Champions.

My theory about what would happen instead was: Damien Sandow would walk out dressed as Roman Reigns when it came time for the match and get beaten up by Seth Rollins. But the match wouldn’t even end because in the middle of it, Dean Ambrose would run out and attack Seth Rollins.

What happened instead was even better, but I could have done without Seth’s little speech about Roman Reigns. A hernia is no excuse no to compete? Whatever! I know, I know, Seth had to say something rude about it because he’s a heel. But I do not pay 9.99 to see Seth Rollins get forfeit wins against guys who aren’t even in the building.

WWE can’t just leave us hanging like that and they didn’t! Seth Rollins issued an open challenge to anybody backstage because he’s that much of an “opportunist”. Seth stood there in the ring, waiting for a challenger to walk out when the Titantron started showing live footage backstage of a taxi pulling up. The WWE Universe already knew who it was. The back door opened up and out comes Dean Ambrose. He walks right out of the cab and straight to the ring.

No one can contain the Lunatic Fringe
No one can contain the Lunatic Fringe

Dean wasted no time to start brawling with Seth. The whole thing was epic! They brawled out of the ring, into the crowd and even made their way up towards the ramp. By that point Triple H and Stephanie were running out with officials and security, but they couldn’t contain the Lunatic Fringe. Dean managed to wiggle himself free from being manhandled and even went as far as to take ALL of the officials out.

Once that was done, Dean continued to go after Seth Rollins. Once more they brawled into the crowd, but this time it was on the other side of the ring. They eventually made their way back inside the ring, where Dean started getting a chair. It was such an awesome build up and I was just on fire in my seat. Dean gets that chair and starts getting in the ring. He lifts it over his head, but he then gets tackled by a security guard. That’s when all of the officials pinned Dean onto the mat and handcuffed him with a zip tie.

I really enjoyed seeing all of that. It was a good return. It wasn’t like what we usually see in the WWE when a wrestler makes their return. Most of the time their opponent just stands there in the middle of the ring and they start to go back and forth until someone gets thrown out. Can you recall a moment where a wrestler just ran when their opponent came back? Not just that, HE TOOK OUT ALL OF THE OFFICIALS! This feud is worth watching.

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