My absolute favorite restaurant to eat at would have to be Hodaks. They have the BEST fried chicken in St. Louis. I recommend this place to all tourist or someone who wants to eat at a restaurant that is strictly local and not a franchise. I have eaten at this restaurant since I was five. It is a quaint little joint located off of Gravois near Soulard in St. Louis City. One thing I always love doing is looking at the decor and counting all of the chickens that I find. Seriously, the entire place is decorated with chickens.

The fried chicken here is the best. Completely mouth watering and you can eat for free if it is your birthday. I have always loved it and I get offended when I read a bad review about it. The thing about Hodaks is that the chicken is so good, the place is always packed. If you don’t like waiting in line then you better get there early, because there have been times when the line was so long, it went out the door and around the corner of the building. I’ve searched for Hodaks on Google and I read some of the reviews about it. One said that “don’t go here. The line is ridiculous. You have to wait forever to be seated and the chicken isn’t even that good. If you want fried chicken just go up the street to Lee’s.”

Really? The chicken isn’t that good? Maybe the line is so long BECAUSE the chicken is good. Why would I go to Lee’s, a fast food joint, for fried chicken when I can just get a five star restaurant quality. The difference is my body won’t regret consuming the chicken from Hodaks as it would with chicken from Lee’s.

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