Who is Bunny?

One question that I have and I’m sure several members of the WWE Universe have is, “Who is in the bunny costume? Seriously, who is it? I know at first there was a rumor that it’s Zack Ryder, but then I started seeing comments from fans that it’s Sami Zayn from NXT. I don’t know how people are coming up with these theories but I don’t think Bunny is either of those guys. Why would Zack Ryder be the bunny? Sami Zayn is getting over with the fans on NXT, why would he debut on the main roster as a bunny?

One theory I’ve seen is that Darren Young is Bunny. That makes sense to me because Bunny and Adam Rose are now feuding with Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater. I didn’t actually see Darren Young’s matches when he teamed up with O’Neil and became one half of the Pryme Time Players, so I don’t know what his move set is. It just makes more sense to me that it would be Young because of the way that he and O’Neil’s team broke up. Time for revenge. Who do you think is in the Bunny costume?

Give me a piece of your mind

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