Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy’s

There is this game called Five Nights at Freddy’s and it is the most suspenseful game ever made. You are a security guard at this pizza joint for kids and you take the night shift. Your character doesn’t move at all. You just sit in this room that has two doors and an Ipad with all of the different security cameras on it. Your job is to watch the animatronics, because at night they freely walk about the place. Not so bad right? Well if they see you then they’re going to stuff you in a suit and pretty much just turn you into one of them. Still doesn’t sound so bad? Well go on YouTube and check out Markplier’s video playlist of him playing Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Security Cams
Security Cams

You have seven nights to survive and only a certain amount of power to get you through each night. The goal is to not run out of power because if you do then Freddy will come after you. Last night my friend Jared downloaded the game and a group of us got together to play it. It was visitation in the boys dorms and I only went there so that I could watch Jared and Andrew play the game. Jared started off and we made it through the first night. There were four of us and nobody made it past the second night.

I played after Jared survived the first night and he handed the controls off for somebody else to play because he didn’t want to the only one to play the game. Andrew wasn’t ready to play yet and our other friend didn’t want to play, so I volunteered. I knew I wasn’t going to make, but I still wanted to try.

I died at 2AM. I didn’t know how to work everything and Jared was yelling at me “SWITCH TO A2! SWITCH TO A2!” I’m thinking game mode, but he’s talking about the cameras. I would accidentally bring the security camera view up without meaning to, or I just left the lights on, the entire thing was a mess. “OH BRIDGIT YOU SUCK AT THIS GAME!” Then Bonnie is right outside my door and everybody is yelling at me to close it, BUT IT WON’T CLOSE! “Check on Foxy! CHECK ON FOXY!” So I pull the camera up and Foxy is peeking his head out from behind the curtain, “Oh no he’s coming for me!” Jared is completely wound up at this point. I put the camera down and BONNIE IS RIGHT IN MY FACE! Everybody screamed.

Oh Bonnie
Oh Bonnie

The fourth member of our party played next but after ten seconds she gave the controls over to Jared. Jared made it to four in the morning, but lost power, which means Freddy came after him. Oh what a joy that was to see. Next was Andrew’s turn and he would have made it but he ran into the same issue I did. Bonnie was outside his door and the door wouldn’t close. So Bonnie killed him too. We had our fourth friend play again and that was when the game turned off. We checked Pirates Cove and the camera was out so Jared was like, “Okay I say we just quit this game right now, who’s with me?” We didn’t even wait for Foxy to come out, Jared immediately got up and turned the game off in the middle of game play.

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