Inflatable Fun

One thing I really enjoy about my school is the people who go there. We are all adults here and we’re getting prepared to go off into the real world, all on our own. Even though our age defines the responsibility we must take on, we’re all still kids at heart and we have a lot of energy. I look forward to having dinners on the forum because they bring in all of these inflatable activities. I love do obstacle courses. I just don’t like doing them against a person who only thinks about competition. Seriously? I’m only doing this to have fun. Nothing everything has to be a race. The whole point of me wanting to do them against you is so that we can have fun together. When I go through the obstacle course, I’m not looking to beat you. I actually take my time going through inflatable obstacle courses because I don’t get to do them everyday. So I’m going to take the time to enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t play against sore winners or sore losers, they just take the fun out of it.

This is a video I took from homecoming week last fall. Three of these people are friends of mine and one of them I met when I transferred in. I always get a good laugh from watching it:

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