Libby Talks: Once Upon a Time Season four Episode one

I am filled with excitement now because Once Upon a Time has returned to tv. Last season left us on a major cliff hanger. Elsa is now in Storybrooke and Regina’s happiness is over. I am so happy that Once Upon a Time is back. I want to see Regina get her happy ending because she needs one. Rumple has his, despite having to lose his son.

I will start off with my favorite couple: Rumbelle! I didn’t like that at the end of season 3 we saw Rumple entering his marriage to Belle with a huge lie. At the beginning of this episode, Rumple tries to get out of that lie by giving Belle the real dagger that can control him. Then, my favorite part, they had their first dance as a married couple! It was the same way as the movie! Belle had a yellow dress, and Rumple was wearing the blue tuxedo. Even the music was the same! I loved it!

Next: Regina and Robin Hood. I was holding my breath when Robin Hood came to Regina’s house to talk to her. I just want them to be together! I was so thrilled to hear Robin tell Regina that he truly loves her and that those feelings won’t go away. It gave us all hope, but that hope went away when Robin Hood told her that he lives by a code and cannot leave his wife. NOOOOOO! “Yes she was dead, but now she’s not and I made a promise to her, till death do us part.” Oh Robin! You and your code. Things are going to get really awkward now.

Now finally: Frozen. I enjoy the entire episode and I found there was plenty of back story provided, but I personally felt that there were too many references to Frozen. The clothes were the same, there were trolls, but once we saw the abominable snowman, I just threw my hands up saying, “That’s it!” I guess the next episode we will see Olaf, which I’m dreading a little. My issue with how much Frozen was put in this episode is that I started to feel like I was watching Frozen 2 and not OUAT.

One last note: I absolutely loved that the Sorcerers hat is in Storybrooke and the realism of it is just awesome. It leaves me wondering if Mickey Mouse will show up soon.

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