Annabelle the movie

In light of the new movie Annabelle, I have made a post I wrote a year ago about the Annabelle doll a sticky. WARNING!!! The rest of this post will contain spoilers of the new movie Annabelle. 1-the-conjuring

This past Saturday a group of my friends and myself went the theater here in town and watched the movie Annabelle. I have been so excited about this movie since the first time I saw the trailer on Facebook. I knew they were making a franchise with The Conjuring but I didn’t think they would make a movie just for Annabelle. When I first saw the trailer I told myself that I was going to watch the movie at the theater, but I was not going to watch it by myself. I didn’t expect watching it with a group of my friends.

The weeks leading up to the premiere of Annabelle were great. I asked my friend Brandon if he liked horror films and if he would want to see the movie with me. I let him borrow my copy of The Conjuring and days later he agreed to watching Annabelle. The day Brandon returned The Conjuring my friend Chris snatched it up and watched it with our friend Andrew. This is what accumulated a group of friends to watch Annabelle with me. I was really excited, not just because I would get to watch Annabelle, but that I get to do something with my friends.

After my friends watched The Conjuring, they were sitting at our table and talking to me about what would pass as a cruel prank to play on them, that would reference The Conjuring. This reminded me of the two pranks I came up with about The Conjuring.

1) I came up with this for a special guy who screwed with my feelings. This is the guy who I went with to see The Conjuring in theaters. I came up with this prank as a revenge plan but I never went through with it: Someone receives a package in the mail and inside is a Raggedy Ann with a note written on parchment paper in red crayon “Miss Me?” (I was going to write a more personal note). Big thing to remember, don’t put a return address on the package.

2) I came up with this for my friend as a mere joke but never went through with it either. I chose not to because it would terrify her, she would throw the doll away, which would be bad because I only have one doll with me and I got it from my grandmother: Someone walks into their room and finds a Raggedy Ann sitting there. They have no clue where it came from.

My friends shook their heads at me and told me to never do any of those pranks. One even went as far as to say, “That is satanic!” I never did these pranks and I don’t plan on doing them. There was something I did do, thanks to my friend Andrew.

The day before we all planned to see Annabelle, a few of us got together to watch The Conjuring. I was sitting there thinking of a prank I could do, but stopped when I realized how much work would go into it. “No that wouldn’t work out,” I said out loud. My friend Andrew tried to figure out what I was thinking and goes, “You’re going to bring that doll with you tonight, aren’t you?” I looked at him with my eyes growing wide, “I wasn’t even thinking about that! That is such a good idea!” Andrew hated it. This led to an even bigger idea.

I dressed up as the real Annabelle to see the movie. My friends just love me!
I dressed up as the real Annabelle to see the movie. My friends just love me!

I dressed up as the real Annabelle doll when I went to see Annabelle. I told my friends I would but they didn’t take me serious. I got out of the car and walked across the parking lot towards my friends and I hear, “Bridgit! NO! For real Bridgit!” I didn’t even care what the other people in the theater were thinking of me. My friends’ reactions made my night.

The funny thing, I dressed up as the Annabelle doll for Halloween last year, but nobody got it. They all thought I was dressing up as just a Raggedy Ann.

After the movie we all stood outside in a circle and talked about the movie. I loved our discussion and all of the things my friends told me I should have done during the movie:

“You should have gotten here before everybody else and laid down on the floor in front of the screen, then during the scene where she is levitating, slowly start to sit up and look at the audience.”

“During the scene where she levitates, you should have started standing up from your seat.”

“You should have brought your doll and just go up to random people and ask ‘Will you hold this for me?'”

Now that I shared with you my experience watching this movie, time to share my opinion about the film.

I must say that I was disappointed. The trailer gave away too much. I expected more for a film that is a prequel/spinoff of The Conjuring. I didn’t  expect too much, because what we see in the movie is not what really happens, but since it was an original I expected more. It wasn’t bad, I just expected more. I think that the reason why I didn’t get as scared of this film as I did The Conjuring is because during the middle of it, I said to myself, “Wait this isn’t real. None of this ever happened in real life”, that was when my fright level went down. I just wasn’t scared anymore.

I absolutely love the ending, and not just because it ends. In the scene where we see the nurse’s mother buying Annabelle at the store, we can also see a Raggedy Ann in the background. I just love how they slipped that in there. Then the very last scene of the whole film is the same scene from The Conjuring, only the camera is focused on Annabelle now. I find it really cool how they tied the two movies together like that.

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