A Labyrinth Sequel?

I logged onto Facebook yesterday and I find several post about a Labyrinth sequel in the works, on my feed. I don’t know whether to be excited about this news, or concerned. I’ve thought about this before and decided a year ago that I was okay that a sequel was never made for Labyrinth.

I usually would be over the moon at the announcement of a second Labyrinth movie. The fan trailers on Youtube are so good that they make you say, “Oh if only this were real,” and a sequel is exactly what every fan wants. We all want more Labyrinth.

I want more but after a little thinking, I have come to terms with there never being a sequel. There are few reasons why and I’m sure that those who are reading might disagree.

1) There can be no other Goblin King than David Bowie. They better not even think about recasting.

2)We all have that image in our head about who the Goblin King is and what he looks like. David Bowie may be too old now to play the Goblin King. Sarah would be the “proper age” for the romance all the fangirls want to see.

3) There would be no Labyrinth without Jim Henson. Labyrinth is his creation and I don’t know how great it will be without him.

4) Does Labyrinth really need a sequel? Labyrinth is a well known cult classic and has lived up to it ever since it premiered. I love the story, the movie is my favorite, and I have been doing just fine without a sequel.

Give me a piece of your mind

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