Catching up on General Hospital but still a month behind

Okay all of you General Hospital fans out there, who are avid readers of my blog, I owe you this. I am a month behind on GH, but I am currently on a short break from classes and will be catching up on everything I have missed. Right now I just got done watching our favorite characters escape the medical clinic and as always, the plot thickens. Given how much traffic my blog gets because of Maxie and Nathan, I know those two ended up together and I try my hardest not to look at spoilers. I have found a trusty channel on YouTube to watch all of the GH episodes that I need to update this section on my site. Right now I will just list the things I’m loving and hating.

1) I am a Scrubs fan all the way, so I don’t like it when I see Sam and Patrick becoming closer than friends. I can’t wait for Jason to become a spotlight character again and come back into Sam’s life. Jason is the only person I want to see Sam with. I am not a fan of Sam and Silas. I thought Sam and Sonny had potential, but I just want Sam to be with Jason. Technically they are still married.
2) I am so glad that Nathan and Maxie finally got the first kiss. It was not at all romantic with the dead bodies lying at their feet, but with I loved it when they said “You saved me,” to one another. Can’t wait to see where their relationship goes. Maxie has that guy who she can truly be herself with.
3) I’m not digging this Carly and Sonny story. It is just getting old with me. I actually want to see Carly with Franco and I think Sonny is better off with Olivia… or Alexis.
4) I ship Alexis and Jullian
5) I like Sabrina to exhibit this dark side after losing her child. It is definite change of character.
6) Who is Nathan’s father!? Victor made sense!
7) I love Spencer! He is so adorable! But these kids know way too much for their age and why do they have cell phones?

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