Soldiers Memorial

Soldiers Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri holds a number of memories for me. It is a memorial and museum for all of the soldiers from St. Louis, who have served for our country. Before high school, I never stepped foot inside Soldiers Memorial, but when you’re a JROTC major, there is no avoiding it.

My senior year of high school, I became an intern at Soldiers Memorial and it was a good experience. I would go to school on Mondays and Wednesdays, then go to my internship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although in the beginning I would dread heading in to work, by the time I graduated, I didn’t want to leave.

During this past summer I was laying in bed one night and started to recall memories of my time at Soldiers Memorial and I was a little surprised at how open I was with my superior towards the end. I actually told her and the security guard about this crush I had, who was talking to me at the time. A lot has changed since high school and I for sure don’t crush on that guy anymore. I remember that they both did not approve of the guy but they also knew that they could only offer their opinion on the matter. I remember Vernon telling me that because of the age difference between me and the guy, that my crush was a “punk”. I was just really surprised at myself for feeling so open with them.

During my last few weeks of being at home before heading back to school, a friend and I ventured downtown. We headed for City Hall and since we were in the area, we made a stop at Soldiers Memorial. I got to say hello to Vernon and briefly talked to him about how school was going, then I got to talk to my former boss. She was so relieved to hear that it never worked out between me and that guy and that I started going to school out of St. Louis. She told me how worried she and Vernon were for me before. It surprised me a little to see how much they care for me. “Vernon is going to be so happy when I tell him this and even more when he hears that you remembered what he told you.” That conversation brightened my day and made me more proud for accepting the internship in high school.

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