The Country Blog Project: Ireland

Since my blog has started getting views from across the world, I’ve decided to write posts about each country that has read Libby’s Piece of Mind. The things I will write about in each post will be my likes and if I were to ever travel to this country, where would I go. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Due to my family heritage, Ireland is a place I am excited to go to. A place where my surname isn’t hard to read. I hear we have a stomp ground there and would love to check it out. Ireland has so much history and beauty. I want to see everything Ireland has to offer and talk to the locals. Listen to their stories and hear what they have to say about the country. I saw the movie Leap Year and probably the only thing I liked from it was the superstitions. It looked like a lot to remember and think about during your daily routine.

Visit all of the castles! – I don’t see those here in America. (Except the one at Ha Ha Tonka)c11397af4d911f69c8fc9ea1b3ddea8f

The Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland7103492533e31d43fb8b45f5169c9991

When I look at this photo, I get reminded of the Disney princess I am most like, Belle. I love reading and have over two hundred books in my bedroom back home. There are sooo many books here. These books are probably older than any book here in the States, which will make them even more interesting to open. This has got to be the biggest library I’ve seen and I just love the architecture. It looks so beautiful.


Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland

38ad4f0216e7c13bbc9254c5897f4072Go to the Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney stone. There are numerous stories about this stone. One says the builder of the castle found it on his way to court and won his case. Another says that the stone is from Ireland, was sent to Scotland and was brought back. I don’t know all the facts about it, but it sounds cool. The Blarney Stone is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction and over a million people have kissed it. The ritual of kissing the stone is getting to the peak of the castle and leaning over backwards. If you’re a daredevil then you will have no problem kissing the stone. There isn’t a lot to worry about. You do get assistance with kissing the stone.

Newcastle, Northern Ireland3c25417d08ea5a39f1bf2a5f51d40e22

I found this photo on Pintrest and want to see it in person. I like watching movies that are so modern because there is always a sense of adventure. Even though this is just a stone path, I can’t help but get a sense of adventure when I look at it. Adventure in the great out doors is something city folks are deprived of.




The Brazen Headeaf99e35d173504a9ab0d2a5283bd358

While in Ireland I would like to make a stop at The Brazen Head and have a drink. The Brazen Head is said to be Ireland’s oldest pub, being established in 1198. Anything that is that old deserves to be seen. I’ve also never been in a real Irish pub before.




Woodstown Beach126c535a1fa355526de74872eb211005 

Just look at that photo! The only rocks I’ve seen that blue are fake and sold in gift shops. Although I’m not sure if this photo was actually taken of Woodstown Beach but I have googled the area and the land is beautiful.





Giant’s Causeway8ecaebc5bb6c654a159a6bbfeecc9066 

Legend has it that this landform was built by an Irish giant when he was going to fight a Scottish giant, hence the name. I find this site very interesting because I’ve never seen anything like it in person. It would definitely be a sight to see in person. Not to mention the exotic plants that are there. These Basalt columns may not be unique in the world, but they are unique to where I’m from.



Dark Hedges5d70a2c44ddd8891e441e4a653589464 

This is beautiful. It looks like something out of a movie. I heard that Game of Thrones filmed here once, not completely sure if that is true. Well, all the Game of Throne fans will know it when they see it.





Marble Arch Caves59f2591dc59514598ca9d754236227fb 

I don’t know about actually venturing into the caves but I would like to take a hike there. The good old outdoors always offer some sort of adventure. This particular area looks beautiful so it would definitely be worth the trip




Old Mellifont Abbey, County Louth, Irelandf31d9e6012763738c1bbe4ac881c76cd 

I don’t think I’ve revealed this yet but I am a Fable player. For those who don’t know what Fable is, it is a video game available only on Xbox. I started playing Fable with Fable 2 and in that game there is a Hero who is a sister at this abbey. The abbey in the game looks similar to what is in this photo. So when I visit it, I will feel like my Hero has come to life. One thing I would be most excited about is hearing the history of this abbey. When was it built? Why was it built? Who built it? You just don’t see architecture like this here in the states.



Killarney, Ireland03a55f0bde1c88f1b7099406d1de2469

I keep mentioning a sense of adventure and here it is. Who wouldn’t want to walk up these steps? On Pintrest this was dubbed “the enchanted forest” and it looks pretty enchanted to me.

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  1. That is a great idea and rightly so, Ireland is beautiful. I know in my heart it is as my surname would be easily spelled there as we also said the right way. One I would love to go there but not for a couple of years yet.

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