A Union in the Snow

I remember it all as clear as yesterday
The cold chill in the air
The moon glowing in the night sky
And the snow that covered the ground
It’s a memory that I hope will never fade

From the moment we walked across the land
To the final goodbye
You were everything I wanted to spend the rest of my life with
And it was you who taught me that “Happy Ever After” doesn’t exist

Of all the memories that we share
That one night remains clear
Remembering it is like looking through a Windex cleaned window

You threw snow at me and I did the same
But my hands were bare and numbing quickly came
Nothing I did made it go away
But the warmth from your hands helped me feel again

You held my hand between yours and I blushed so much
The darkness that surrounded us was just not enough
To hide the smile that started growing on my face

From that point on we ceased throwing snow
We started kicking our feet up and tossing sticks into the air
The things we did with one another that night were random
But that doesn’t matter
What does matter is the conversation that we had
It was the first time we were ever alone together
And I didn’t want it to end

There came the time when the temperature got to us
So we sought refuge from a laundry vent
Only to realize it supplied nothing at all

The clock was ticking and tests were approaching
We had to go to our separate rooms and study
We said goodbye
The night was over
Then the unexpected happen
I felt your embrace for the first time

As I walked back to my room
I couldn’t help but recall
All the events of that night in the fall
The smile on my face resembled the Grinch
And like him, I was not a thief in the end

You stole my focus
You stole my nerve
You stole my happy ending
And it will never return

But we’ll always have the memory of that one night
And it will forever be known
As the union in the snow


  1. Libby, just wanted to let you know I’m still reading your stuff but I don’t always have time to comment but this one deserves a comment it gave me goose bumps. It make me think of my hubby which isn’t bad at all because he is well missed. Thank you probably the best smile I have had in a while. kat

    1. Well thank you. That really means a lot to know that this poem brought a smile to your face. I personally hate poetry and hate even more the thought of writing it. I had some harbored emotions lately and thought that writing a poem about them would help me air out. But your words really mean a lot to me.

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