Deep Thoughts on the Legging

I myself agree to this. I may wear leggings as pants but only if there is something there to cover my butt. Whether it be a long shirt, a dress, or even a mini skirt, something needs to go over it because believe it or not, people can see through leggings.

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Warning: This really isn’t a story to share or to collect but rather random thoughts on a subject of truly shallow depth that won’t be relevant within two fashion cycles. I know others have ranted long on this topic. It’s my turn.

Leggings. (Or laggins’, as my southern friends might say)

I get it. They are comfortable and cheap. Leggings are readily available. You know when Walgreens has an end cap crammed full, people are buying. They look great on ALL people…from the ankle to the knee. They look great on SOME people far into the heavens above the knee. They have elastic waists and that is always a plus. They come in all colors and even all sorts of funky and cute designs. They are the righteous commander of layering and best of all? A built-in girdle for us lovelies over 45. I totally get leggings and I love them.

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