CM Punk tells all about his reason for leaving the WWE

Posted recently on the web today was a Colt Cabana Art of Wrestling podcast with Phil Brooks, CM Punk as his guest. CM Punk came on the show to finally put all the rumors and trollers to rest about his departure from the WWE. I’ve stated before that I’m not a fan of CM Punk but I do have respect for him and this podcast changed my view of him even more. It also changed how I look at the WWE and adds to my view on Vince McMahon.

Initially my attitude about CM Punk leaving the WWE was: Okay, so he left because he didn’t like that Batista was coming back after years of not wrestling and immediately gets to main event Wrestlemania. There were articles posted all over the web about CM Punk’s frustration for having to put over part time wrestlers. I would be frustrated too if I was working hard in the business and had to put over Trish Stratus, if she were to ever make a sporadic appearance, because she really isn’t worth it. My opinion of CM Punk after reading all the articles and hearing the fans chant his name was, “He’s only doing this for himself. He could care less about his fans.” That was the chip on my shoulder about him leaving, that he didn’t care about his fans.

One of my favorite memes
One of my favorite memes

After listening to the podcast, my attitude about CM Punk leaving has changed… but I’m still not a fan. Yes CM Punk left because of all the creative decisions that were being made and the decisions that he had that were being scrapped, but that’s not the only reason why he left. Batista winning the Royal Rumble is not what caused CM Punk to throw in the towel. A more important reason to leave the company like he did was for his health. That is a new detail that no one has reported yet.

Turns out that at that point in time, CM Punk had two torn up knees that needed healing but Vince McMahon would not allow Punk the time for both knees to heal. There was a lump on his back that just kept growing and no one on the medical team would look at it or allow him to get it taken care of. Which, by the way, was a Staph infection. Then at Royal Rumble he gets a concussion and what does Vince do? He asks him the next day if he’ll work a match that night. WWE’s only solution to help Punk with his health problems was to give him antibiotics. Let the guy’s body heal! I would quit too if I was putting that much work into it and never being allowed to take a break.

I already knew that Vince McMahon’s work ethic sucks and everything that he allows to happen on the show. There was once a time where the Divas could actually wrestle and have decent matches, but if you want to see that now, go watch a TNA Knockout match. I knew The Shield wasn’t Vince McMahon’s idea and thanks to this podcast, I don’t have to embarrass myself by writing a post on Triple H (like I was going to) and give him all the credit. If there is anyone we want to thank for The Shield, it’s CM Punk. Although, I can’t really thank him for Roman Reigns making it to the main roster, because Reigns was not CM Punk’s choice. Still, there wouldn’t have been a Shield if it wasn’t for Punk.

For all of the trollers out there, I hope this podcast changes your mind about CM Punk as it has mine. I doubt anything that he’s said in this podcast because he really has nothing to lose. There’s no reason for him to make up a story about it and if the WWE tries to cover it up, well it’s too late. The world now knows the truth.

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