Libby talks Survivor Series

Property of WWE
Property of WWE

Ever since June I have been anticipating this year’s Survivor Series because it was in my hometown. The plan was to go to the PPV but I wasn’t able to save in time. I mostly wanted to go just to see Roman Reigns, but then that #StupidHernia appeared and he had to take time off, so I wasn’t so upset about not being able to go. I really didn’t care about not going to the PPV when I watched the buildup for it, because it sucked. It was so bad that I almost didn’t even want to watch it. Sure the Authority’s power was on the line but we all knew team Cena was going to win. The only thing that made it interesting leading up to it was Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt. You’ve got the Lunatic Fringe who is willing to do anything and doesn’t care if he loses and then there is the Eater of Worlds… yeah I really don’t know what to say about Wyatt other than the fact that he could easily pass for a cult leader. Bray Wyatt is just a creepy character. So to see these two have a match would be interesting.

When I came home from school for the holidays I wasn’t excited for the PPV until I heard the big news from someone who works at the Scottrade Center… STING WAS AT SURVIVOR SERIES! STING! He was finally going to make his in-ring WWE debut after years of never stepping foot in one. This is monumental for professional wrestling and it’s going to happen in my hometown. Now Survivor Series was going to be worth watching.

I didn’t care for the fatal four way tag team match with the titles on the line. I figured the titles would stay with Gold and Star Dust or get switched to The Miz and Mizdow. There was no way that the Usos or Los Matadores were getting the belts. I was actually routing for The Miz and Mizdow to win and they did. I wasn’t expecting the aftermath of the match, with The Miz acting like the sole champion of both belts.

One thing that got me down about this Survivor Series was that there wasn’t that many survivor series matches. A good Survivor Series would have at least four survivor series matches throughout the show, not just two. Surprisingly the Divas survivor series match wasn’t that bad. It could have been better, but it wasn’t that bad. I think Paige should have won the match with being the only one left on her team. Oh well, that match didn’t really matter, but is that a potential Paige vs. Summer Rae feud that I see? That might be worth watching. Hopefully it will bring out Paige’s inner anti-Diva character.

I didn’t really know what to expect with Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt. I know how good Dean Ambrose is, but I don’t know about Bray Wyatt’s talent. If it was Seth vs. Dean then I know to sit back and get ready for an awesome match but this is Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt has the weirdest character that I’ve seen avoid being a major flop for the fans. People actually like what he’s selling. So I’m watching the match and I see Bray Wyatt pull a chair into the ring, trying to tempt Dean Ambrose. I don’t know what Bray Wyatt’s intentions are, but Dean Ambrose doesn’t care. That’s why his matches are good because Ambrose is such a wild card. He doesn’t care if he loses a match or gets disqualified. Ambrose’s main objective is kicking ass. I am so glad Ambrose got the chair shot on Bray Wyatt and unleashed his fury. It was a good build up for TLC next month.

I won’t even really talk about the Divas Championship match much. I knew AJ would lose her title, it made sense. There’s no way she was going to hold it for another two hundred and twenty five days. I just didn’t approve of the belt going to Nikki Bella. If AJ were to lose her title, make her lose it to Paige or Tamina, but not a Bella. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mine is the Bellas suck. They have no talent. The only thing that makes them stand out from the rest was Twin Magic and they can’t even do that anymore. Not with Brie being a total twig and Nikki’s boob job. It’s easy to tell the two apart now. Sadly the Divas Championship match was just another five minute match with AJ Lee losing to Nikki Bella, because Brie hopped onto the apron with the Divas’ title and planted a kiss on AJ. This distracted AJ long enough for Nikki to get the upper hand on her and win the match.

Now for the main event. The awesome and surprising main event. When the first two members of Team Authority were taken out I decided to call the match. “Watch it’s going to come down to John Cena and Seth Rollins.” I was sure of it because after all it is John Cena. Dolph Ziggler is laying on the outside and Big Show and John Cena get in the ring to fight against the remaining members of Team Authority. Then BOOM, Big Show knocks out his own partner, shakes hands with Triple H and leaves the ring. It’s not surprising that Big Show turned heel, I just wasn’t expecting him to turn heel at that moment and take out Cena. So Cena gets eliminated and now it’s Ziggler vs. Team Authority.

Ziggler did great with having to do the most work. I knew Team Cena would win but not like this. From that point on the match was intense. Especially when Ziggler was so close to winning and Triple H got involved. Ziggler wouldn’t give up and neither would Triple H. Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Sting made his debut in a WWE ring. It was awesome! He made his way to the ring and entered a stare down with Triple H. After what felt like ten minutes, Triple H makes a swing at Sting but Sting takes him out and pulls Dolph Ziggler on top of Seth Rollins. Ziggler gets the pin and the Authority loses power. Such an awesome way to end Survivor Series.

All in all, this PPV was better than I expected it to be. I also enjoyed the little surprise of seeing Roman Reigns, even if it was via satellite. It’s what he said that I enjoyed the most. It’s obvious that he’s been working on his mic skills and he will be returning at TLC. I’ve heard people say that he should wait for Royal Rumble but I say NAY! He just needs to win Royal Rumble and beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. He’ll be the one to defeat the beast. Survivor Series+Roman Reigns+ Sting= Me jumping up and down with excitement. Can’t wait to see Sting vs. Undertaker. If Sting has his way then it will happen. I’m mostly happy that history was made at Survivor Series and I got to experience it. Sting making his debut in my hometown is just the icing on the cake. A number of things have taken place in St. Louis but I won’t get into that now.

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