Andon’s Chocolate Ice Cream Experience

A hilarious memory that I have of this semester and by far my favorite to take place in Mellers is Andon’s penis ice cream cone. Yes I said penis. It’s a good story, nothing too scandalous and one that Andon can never live down. Even if he could I wouldn’t let him.

So one night in Mellers Dining Commons I’m sitting at my usual table with my group of friends. Most my old friends weren’t there but of a few of my new friends were. Andon and Andrew get up to go get ice cream while Joe comes in and sits down. Joe is sitting between me and Andon and starts asking me how my day is. I look up to start answering him when Andon comes back to the table and holds forward his ice cream cone. My eyes immediately focus on this chocolate soft served phallus with the foreskin still attached that stood five inches straight up on a cake cone. I quickly glance at everyone else at the table before staring at the ice cream again. “Am I the only one that sees this?” I asked myself.

Andon sits down and starts to eat his ice cream when Joe looks up and goes, “Really Andon!” Andon is clueless at first but soon catches on. “DUDE! Why would you say that!?” I start laughing and I’m relieved that I wasn’t alone. Andon tried eating more of his ice cream but he just couldn’t now that he saw it too. “I can’t even eat this now!” I continue laughing even more.

The ice cream got the attention of everyone at the table next to us and a guy sitting there started shouting, “DO IT! DO IT! IT’S ALL IN THE LIPS!” This only made me laugh even more. Andon can’t even look at the ice cream at this point and finally Joe just takes his knife and knocks it off the cone. I’m still laughing and looking around and notice that Andon’s ice cream attracted the attention of several people throughout the dining hall. He did have to carry it from the other side of Mellers. People at another table were looking over at ours and several people behind me looking over and pointing.

Andrew finally gets to the table after everything goes down. He was standing in line behind Andon when he got it and saw what we all saw. He shared his thoughts about it and pointed out to Andon that he had heads turn as he walked past tables with it. Andon just sat that there with embarrassment while we all laughed. “Thank you Andon. This is probably my most favorite memory of Mellers ever,” I said through fits of laughter. Andon just looked at me and goes, “Well I’m glad I gave you that.” It took me a while but I eventually got my composure until the end of the meal.

What happened with the ice cream was that there wasn’t a star on the dispenser to give it that rigid shape. That’s why it was so smooth and stood up so high. Andon was also trying not let it fall off the cone. He never intended it to look like a penis. Now whenever it is brought up at the table, we tend to crack jokes about it. Just last night I looked at Andon and said, “Well when you go black you don’t go back.” After all it was chocolate ice cream.



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