Wait, I’m drinking coffee?

When I started school, I stood out from my friends and the typical college student. I don’t drink coffee. I never had the tongue for that and would picture myself living the rest of my life without needing to drink coffee in the morning. That’s all my grandmother would drink in the morning. It was a habit I was glad to have never picked up.

There’s a Kaldis on campus and the students could spend their bearcat bucks there. The only things I would get from there were Sprite, Mint Green Tea, and chocolate muffins. My bearcat bucks wouldn’t disappear within the first three weeks like some of my friends’ did. I usually made them last throughout the whole semester. I never used them to buy coffee, I didn’t like it.

My first go at trying to drink coffee occurred in the fall of 2013. Kaldis had a special pumpkin spice latte and I wanted to try it, despite caramel being an ingredient. (I don’t like caramel.) The latte didn’t sit well with me and I didn’t try anymore coffee from Kaldis that year.

My second go at coffee occurred not too long after that, when I had to pull an all nighter to write a paper. I didn’t count how many cups of coffee I had that day. I was just focus on drinking it so that I could stay up all night, because that’s what coffee does, right? Well that coffee tasted awful and I was struggling to stay awake that night. I was starting to think that coffee had no affect on me. To get through the next day, I drank more coffee, but was soon crashing during a concert that night. After that I didn’t drink coffee again for the rest of the school year.

I met my boyfriend at the café in town and he offered to buy me something to drink but I told him, “I don’t actually drink coffee.” Afterwards I started experimenting. Kaldis had a new special called Campfire Smore. I like smores so why not. I had a small one and it wasn’t bad. My boyfriend started to tell me that if I hang around him long enough, he’ll get me to drink coffee. I kept telling him no but he was determined and said, “coffee is good for you.” My rebuttal to anyone who said this to me was, “no coffee is an addiction.”

As December started to approach Kaldis changed their special to a Frosted Mint Mocha. I looked at what was in it and decided to try it out. I asked for extra chocolate and it was really good. I actually liked it.  I told my boyfriend about it and he liked that I was starting to experiment, but I wasn’t hooked yet.

About two weeks later I was exhausted all morning. I nearly fell asleep in Chapel which never happens. I decided to head to Kaldis and see if coffee really does have an effect on me. I walk up to the register and ask for a Frosted Mint Mocha. “I’m sorry but we’re out of the Frosted Mint and chocolate and white chocolate.” I so badly wanted to say “Oh you suuuck,” but I was too tired. I didn’t get coffee that day.

Days later I tried a Java Chip. According to my friends it’s “awesome.” I tried it and if I didn’t taste coffee then I tasted chocolate, despite that I drank it all. It wasn’t bad but not as good as the Frosted Mint Mocha. I only had enough bearcat bucks after this buy one more cup from Kaldis and I wanted it to be good. I even started to think of how I would order it. The idea was I wanted to sound like a regular coffee drinker ordering “the usual”. Sound like the customer from Duck Dynasty who sounded like he was constructing a bomb.

I walked up to Kaldis and said, “I would like the Frosted Mint Mocha in the biggest cup I can get. Double the Chocolate and the espresso.”

“Okay that’s six shots of espresso, are you really sure you want to do that.” Wow, wait, what?! My eyes went wide at what I had done.

“What?!” So the worker started to explain to me how the amount of espresso is different for each size. “Okay don’t double the espresso then.” There goes trying to sound like a regular. I really don’t know how to order coffee and it made for a funny status of Facebook. The reactions I got when telling people about it was even better.

When it came time for finals week I started planning what I would do to get through it. After finding out that Kaldis is overpriced I started looking elsewhere. McDonalds had a good price range but I really didn’t want to walk there. A friend offered to buy me something from Kaldis only because they didn’t want to go to McDonalds. Since this friend still had over thirty bearcat bucks within the last week of the semester I ordered two cups of the Frosted Mint Mocha. Now that is six espresso shots. I didn’t go to bed that night until four in the morning. I didn’t fall asleep until five and then I woke up at eight. I wasn’t even exhausted. So it turns out coffee does have an effect on me… just in large quantities.

I’ve only drank coffee a few times since then. My boyfriend made some really good coffee for me when I stayed a weekend at his place. I also had some on New Year’s Day. I woke up to my uncle Charlie and aunt Josie talking at the table and drinking coffee. I walked into the kitchen and saw the creamer they had was Peppermint Mocha. “OOH! Can I have coffee?” So I poured a cup and joined my aunt and uncle at the table. Eventually the kids woke up and they were in the living room playing around. It reminded me of when I was younger and my grandmother would be sitting at the dining room table while the kids would be playing in the living room.

I felt like such a grown up that day. I woke up, was drinking coffee, talking to uncle Charlie and aunt Josie while the kids were in the other room playing. . . Dang it! I knew this would happen after I turned twenty.

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