How I pictured Valentines Day

Last year I got to experience the best Valentines date I have had so far. Years before I would always have the worst Valentines Day, but last year I was with a nice guy and he made it really special for me, even if we did have to celebrate a little early. This year I wanted to do something really special for my new beau and top what happened last year. In order to do that I was going to do something I had never done before for a guy.

I had been having a crazy life within the past month and the only thing that was getting me through it was looking forward to Valentines Day. I was a little discouraged when I was on the phone with him a couple of weeks ago and he tells me that “Valentines Day is just another day.” A little disappointed but I wasn’t going to let that ruin things for me. I got to thinking about how Valentine’s Day would be what I wanted and what he wanted. Valentines Day would be just another day, for him.

Traditionally we see guys taking their girls out on Valentines Day and treating them to a nice evening. That’s what everyone does, right? Well if it isn’t obvious now, I don’t do what everyone does. This year I would treat him. Besides it would be our first Valentines Day and I don’t want anything big, nor do I need it. I just wanted to sit in, curl up on the couch and watch whatever.

We would spend the day doing absolutely nothing. He can do whatever he wanted. Watch soccer, play his video games, or we would watch movies. His only job was to sit back and relax. I on the other hand would cook dinner, make dessert and suggest we watch his favorite movie or at least one that is in his top ten.

On the menu we would have French’s crunchy onion chicken with spinach and garlic mash potatoes. That may have been more for my appetite but I was going to cook it all by myself with no assistance. For dessert I would bake him a cherry pie, because he loves it so much. Dessert was definitely not for my appetite because the only pie I eat is pumpkin. The easy route probably would have been to go out and buy a cherry pie, but my man is not one you can just pick off a shelf. I was going to make him a cherry pie. Once again, I would be doing this all by myself while he enjoyed doing whatever it was he was doing. I would have the day of showing how much he means to me while he gets to have his “another day.”

You can’t have a Valentines Day without somebody getting chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate so it wouldn’t be me. For his gift I would take a mason jar and fill it with red velvet M&Ms. Hidden in the center of it would be an even bigger surprise that he would find once he opened the jar.

Cooking dinner is not something I have ever done for a guy and baking is something I never thought of doing for a man who wasn’t my husband. Why would I want to do all of this for him? He’s very special to me and after all he’s done, he deserves it. He may not think so, but he does. He doesn’t realize how much he’s worth and I want to show him that anyway I can. I just hope the efforts I put towards him haven’t gone unnoticed.

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