Catch Up

Sorry followers for my absence, life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows these days. I’m out here in the real world for the first time and I’m all on my own. When things seem to get me down I just look up and remember the things I read in Lita’s book. I didn’t expect to be start off exactly like Lita though.

I would like to start off by stating that you’ll see a little less talk of wrestling on my site. No I haven’t stopped watching it. I’ve signed on to be a writer for it on another website. Now all of my opinions of wrestling will be directed there.

Surprisingly I’m still getting views on here even though I haven’t written anything. I plan on share everything in due time because I have been experiencing nothing but utter stress. They say that talking helps so we will see. Right now I’m forced to keep everything bottled up. Let’s just say there are always two sides to every story and the side that has spoken isn’t mine. I’m not allowed to speak and right now I don’t ever see that changing. Sorry for being so cryptic but all in due time. Just know I’m not dead, lol.

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