A Meet and Greet

Let’s start where we left off, OKCupid. Like I said before, I’m not ashamed that I met someone from a dating app. In fact the whole meeting him process was actually hilarious. I wanted to play it safe and I did. I had this plan that if anyone on OKCupid wanted to meet me in person then I would suggest we meet at a café, like Starbucks. I don’t like coffee anyway so if I ended up not liking this person then I could easily just use the excuse that I was leaving because they didn’t sell anything that I liked.

So when Blayne Riffle asked if he could take me out to dinner then my immediate response was, wow let’s have a meet and greet first. He could have been a serial killer! He agreed to a meet and greet and we set it up for the next Monday. We were going to meet at a café in the town that my school is in. He actually graduated from my school and knew a large number of people from the town.

When I went to meet him in person I wanted a friend to go with me and just sit away from us, just to make sure that nothing bad happened. Unfortunately for me, no one was able to go. I started to stress a little but I already agreed to meet him, I just had to do it alone. Ironically, it would be my ex boyfriend who would drive me to the meet and greet. For a while neither of them knew that, but everyone who I told this story to did and would say to me, “Why would you do that to them?”

I get to the café and I see this girl who goes to church with me and had a class with sitting near a window. I walked over to her and go, “thank goodness you are here! I’m supposed to meet someone here and I don’t normally do this, but could you kinda watch us?”

“I’m actually about to leave.” Man can I not catch a break. I did sit with her until he arrived. Waiting for him was even worse than the thought of meeting him alone. As I’m sitting there by the window, I notice someone driving around the town square. This person parks their car right next to the window and I thought maybe that was him. My heart started racing and I was hoping that it wasn’t because the driver looked much older than twenty five and nothing like the photos I’ve seen. When he pulled out his phone and started messaging someone and looking around I got even more freaked out. I kept saying to myself, “Please don’t be him.”

Eventually the driver got out of the car and walked inside. I held my breath until he walked past my table and calmly exhaled. A few minutes I looked outside the window and saw the person I was waiting to meet walking across the street. I knew it was him, because of one thing and that was his mustache. He warned me about it, so that was really the only way I could identify him.

When he walked inside I joined him at his table and the first thing I said was, “Good I can breathe again.” I explained to him what I meant and from that point on we talked. He asked if I wanted anything and I go, “Well I actually don’t drink coffee.” I ended up getting Apple Cider, the first time I ever had it. We sat there for two or three hours talking about anything. It felt good to be able to talk to someone about anything. I learned that this person was really smart and can point out good qualities of bad people. The meet and greet went great and it ended with him saying, “I do want to see you again.”

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