Let’s not rush this

After the meet and greet me and Blayne made plans to see each other again that weekend. I had a dinner at church I would be working and afterwards would have a date with him. I actually saw him the night before when I went to the movie theater to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mentioned to him earlier in the week that I was going there with friends. Well here and there I noticed he was dropping hints that he wanted me to invite him. I’ve asked him about it and all he does is gets defensive and says, “Does it really matter?” which only means that I’m right. So on Halloween night I’m getting dress and messaging him. He asks me to send pictures and wishing me a good time. I asked if he ever found anything to do and he tells no. Then tells me he’s never seen Rocky Horror in theaters before but always wanted to. It was really clear what he was trying to do and I caved in and go “Well you should come tonight.”

He tried backing out but I insisted that he should come. I believe that everyone should experience The Rocky Horror Picture Show at least once in their life. Anyone can agree with me that Rocky Horror is not just a movie, it’s an experience. So, I’m all ready to go do what I love to do on Halloween and I have this thought oh no I hope he doesn’t get the wrong idea. I was heading to the theater with my friend Brady and didn’t want Blayne to think it was a date. We beat him to the theatre and turns out I couldn’t pay for my ticket with my debit card. Brady said he would cover me and that was when Blayne walks in. He asked if I already paid and right as I’m saying “Yeah I’m covered,” Brady hands me the ticket. So much for not wanting it to look like a date.

When we were in the auditorium I tried my best to have a conversation with Blayne just so that he wouldn’t get the wrong idea of Brady. Turns out he actually did and it still gives me and Brady a good laugh. During the movie Blayne was a little bit of a party pooper because he wouldn’t participate but that didn’t stop me from doing it. I figured if he wants a relationship with me then he better accept ALL of me. I also noticed that during the movie he kept looking over at my hand, obviously he wanted to hold it, but I just sat there and watched the movie. He didn’t make a move that night.

The next day was our first date. He put a lot of thought into this date even though we didn’t do anything huge. He cooked me a steak dinner which is my favorite thing to eat. He got me Pepsi even though he comes from a Coca-Cola family and we watched my favorite movie. I got him a slice of cherry pie from the dinner at church he mentioned it was one of his favorites.

It was an interesting night and I was totally chilled… until he started to hold my hand. I don’t know what it was but I just immediately felt uncomfortable. My blood started to boil and I tried all I could to put as much focus on the movie as I could. “Wow you really do get into to this.” I made up some lame excuse about the Goblin King to which he said, “Looks like I have competition.” Wow dude! You’re moving a little fast for me. At that point I just wanted to leave but sucked it up for another movie. We made plans to see each other for the next weekend, despite me not wanting to. I tried to look forward to it, but the truth was clear, I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet.

Later that week I explained to him I wasn’t ready and my intentions were to just end things right there, but he stopped that. He understood why I wasn’t ready yet and suggested we just move slowly but still see each other. I was okay with that just as long as we didn’t move too fast.

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