Starting point

Once again, sorry to all of my followers for my neglect. Life has been pretty bumpy the last few months. I now have the strength to share with you all that’s gone on and I don’t care who get’s mad at what I will say. So let’s see, I left you off with talking about last semester. Well last semester certainly did have its fair share of changes that I didn’t think would ever happen. This semester too has had changes that I didn’t see coming. I currently live in the now. I don’t plan ahead anymore because there’s just too much that has happened and planning ahead is out the door. Whenever I’m asked about visiting home for spring break or the summer I just simply say, “I don’t know.” My mom doesn’t like that answer, but it’s really the only answer I can give her.

I now live on my own. I make my own money and have to pay bills. I’m still in school, which I didn’t plan on doing at the beginning of the semester. I’m currently single, but there might be someone who has caught my eye. There’s just so much to share and it’s high time I do it. Screw worrying about what someone else will think once I let the world know what happened. They may say that I’m being immature about it but really they only blame themselves for the way that I have reacted. So standby while I share with you my life the past few months.

Give me a piece of your mind

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