The Last Unicorn

Apparently I was mislead about Vavel and being able to write anything I wanted to, anyway I wanted to. But here we have a post that I’m going to have to do some serious editing on because of how much first person is in it. So here is the unedited version. Also, hello readers! It has definitely been a while but don’t worry the whole Me and Blayne saga will continue as I have so much to say about it. Some of it may be shocking but the truth need to be said. I’m not trying to make anyone look bad. I’m simply just stating my side of events and will probably never know his. All that aside, here is a review on a move that was rather popular in its time.

While desperately searching the web for beloved animated movies from my childhood, I came across one movie that I never heard of a few times and my curiosity about it grew. Having never seen this movie before I began to research it and found that it was all the rage when it premiered. This movie, The Last Unicorn, was made in the early 80’s and was a success in its time. So why haven’t I seen it before?

Lucky me, the movie is available to watch on Netflix. So one night, when I was free of the night shift, I curled up in front of my television and hit play. The music which is performed by the group America was beautiful and reminded me of the opening number in the Hercules and Xena movie. I agree with what the critics say about the voice actors, a few whom are well known today: Jeff Bridges, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee and several others.

The animation of the film was lovely and similar to that of The Hobbit and J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The story was something different as well compared to all the kid movies that are made nowadays. A unicorn goes on an epic journey to find more like her after hearing that she could possibly be the last one. At one point she becomes human, falls in love and starts to lose her way.

With its success and great story, I still question why I haven’t seen it before now. It could be because the movie had a few swear words in its theatrical release. An edited version of the film was released when it was converted to DVD which is the same version that appears on Netflix.

Despite how much I did enjoy the film, I must admit that it took me three tries to finish it. That could be due to all of the movies that I’m use to watching, that some parts of this one seemed dull. However, I am willing to give this movie another chance. The music is already stuck in my head anyway. Unlike some people, I don’t sit there and try to find the hidden meaning as I’m watching a movie. I actually enjoy movies for what they are instead of having to find a reason to like them.

I would recommend this movie to parents and anyone who wants to see something different. Despite there being swear words in it, (although you won’t find that on Netflix) this is a purely innocent film. Also why not watch a movie that everybody else isn’t watching.

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