A new Halloween Tradition

Last month I really wanted to get into the Halloween Spirit as I do every year, but of course lack of resources prevented me from doing so. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything for my favorite holiday. I did look around and found several things to prepare for next year.

To start off, growing up my family didn’t have a lot of Halloween traditions. We went trick or treating but you eventually get too old to do that for yourself. Other than watching Hocus Pocus, that pretty much sums up our Halloween. I always wanted to carve pumpkins but we never did it. I also wanted to go to a haunted house but never had the money to go to one before. I have been to a corn maze once but not often enough for it to become a tradition.

This year I decided it was time for change. I went to a corn maze with my loving beau and a haunted barn. I enjoyed doing both and watched several of the classic monster movies. I also learned that I just can’t watch six black and white films in a row; especially when the movies lack character and plot development. They can show you Frankenstein killing people but not Van Helsing killing Dracula?

Of course being a Rocky Horror fan I did what any Rocky Horror slut would do and that is attending Rocky Horror. It was so much better than last year and I didn’t sit next to someone who made it super awkward. Yeah that’s right I’m referring to you, Blayne Riffle. No this year I went with my gal pal Alexis and we both exposed our boyfriends to the experience that is Rocky Horror. I went all out this year, even fulfilling my all time Halloween wish to dress like Columbia. I had to of had the biggest confetti bomb there, because when I let it off, confetti rained down what appear to be everywhere. By the end of the night, the theater was completely trashed and our men told us, “next year you guys are on your own, we’re doing something else.” That tells you how great it was.

Throughout the month of October, as I was watching my Halloween themed movies, I started browsing Pinterest to see what else there was to do pertaining to the holiday. As I was looking I started creating my own Halloween advent calendar to follow for future Halloweens to come. In my “research” I found a décor idea that I really want to indulge in.

For Christmas we decorate an evergreen tree and place our gifts underneath to open of Christmas day. Why not decorate an evergreen tree for Halloween? Think about it. In my family you pull out the tree on black Friday, decorate it and take it down on January 2nd. I love the idea of having a tree decorated for Halloween. Pull out the tree on October 1st, decorate it and leave it up. When black Friday comes you redecorate it for Christmas and then take it down on January 2nd. Just a creative and new tradition to add to your Halloween season.


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