Meet Kato

13151707_10209058824892862_487262067082531640_nDuring the spring of last year I became a mother. Before you jump to anything, I wasn’t a mother of a human but my own little fur baby. His name is Kato, he currently is a year old and he is a German Shepherd/ Lab mix.

I found Kato by browsing a swap and shop page on Facebook. A woman posted a status saying that her dog had just had her third litter of puppies and was also looking to rehome an eight month old from the mamma’s previous litter. One look at those puppies and I told my boyfriend we had to get one. The rehoming fee seemed reasonable, being ten dollars to cover the first round of shots. My boyfriend only wanted a boy, because boys are apparently low maintenance. I was fine with that, I really wasn’t picky. My boyfriend picked one out and homeward bound we went.

On the way home we started to decide what we were going to name our new fur baby. “Well one thing is for sure, we are not letting Jerry name him.” Jerry is one of our coworkers who named a dog that my boyfriend had previously owned for a short period of time. My boyfriend thought about it for a moment and said, “What about Kato?” I laughed at first because we work with a guy named Kato. “Are we going to spell it like Kato does.” “Yes,” he said casually, not really catching what I had said. I said it over a few times then realized that Kato was a good fit for him.

The only problem with getting Kato was that we were living in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. So we needed to figure out where to keep him. We have a friend who is a retired veteran and just got a service dog. He also has three children and three other little dogs. I figured that our friend would be a good choice to hold our new pooch until we moved to a place that would allow pets. This would only have lasted a month at the most. This way the puppy would be associated to other dogs and children.


Kato stayed at my friend’s house for a week. We weren’t sure how house broken he was so my friend would keep him in a kennel at night. Kato didn’t like the kennel and had apparently cried throughout the night. Kato’s crying started to get Henley, our friend’s service dog, angry. So with Kato’s cries and Henley’s growling, my friend Jay received no sleep. Jay didn’t like having to turn us away but I understood why. So Kato stayed in our apartment, we just had to be careful when taking him out to the bathroom. Sooner or later though other tenants knew we had him, but luckily for us they didn’t say anything to our landlord. At least not that we know of…

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