Subscription Boxes

I’m not usually one to advocate for anything other than movies and television, but I’ve found a subscription box that I absolutely love! Last year in April I noticed an ad on my Facebook page for Loot Crate and after looking into it and seeing what exclusive would be in that month’s box, I signed up for it. I then started looking up videos for it on YouTube and found that thousands of people actually get a successful YouTube channel just from opening boxes. This started to direct my attention to other subscription boxes. After watching all of these videos and having the urge to sign up for more subscriptions, I started to wonder if all of it was worth it. I would love to get comic book collectibles to add to my babe cave, but were the subscription boxes really worth the money?

I also signed up for Nerd Block but was dissatisfied with how late I was getting the boxes. So after two boxes that subscription was cancelled. I have been interested in signing up for Horror Block but just haven’t gotten around to it. My Loot Crate subscription didn’t last either, because after two months I wasn’t interested in the items they were giving away. I have looked into wrestling subscription boxes but those are debatable if they’re worth it or not.

One day while browsing through Pinterest, I was looking at any helpful information I could find for a dog. I started this board called Mom of Paws, and that’s where I direct all of my favorite pins that I found. Anything from beds, doggie corners, to even homemade treats, I looked for it all.

An idea started to creep in my mind. I knew there were subscription boxes for hobbies, beauty care, etc… but were there any for dogs? I started looking and that’s when I found BarkBox. I did my research for the subscription and it appeared to be worth the money. I hadn’t seen any negative comments on it so the odds were looking good. I signed Kato up for the box and the next step was to just wait for the first box.

Kato’s very first BarkBox

I signed up in July and I will say that after months of getting BarkBox, I absolutely love it as well as Kato. When signing up for BarkBox you pick which subscription plan you want, I chose a plan that was only $21 a month, and the best part is it’s free shipping and handling. An important piece of information to fill out is which size dog you have. This information is needed so that the company sends you chew toys best fitted for your dog. In each BarkBox you get toys, treats, and the occasional accessory. I once got poop bags.

In the beginning Kato didn’t have much of a chewing phase but loved to play with toys. The toys were actually starting to pile up from the first few boxes we were getting.   Once those adult teeth started coming in, not a toy was safe. My boyfriend actually started to tell me that if he was going to destroy every toy he got then we didn’t really need to be getting BarkBox. Of course my boyfriend didn’t actually mean that and I even pointed out that it is better to have him destroying toys than the house.

Kato destroying his Hedgehog from BarkBox

After a few months I started to notice that not only did the toys build up, but so did all the treats I was getting. With BarkBox I never had to visit a pet store for treats ever again. At one point I had twelve different bags of treats and lucky for me, Kato isn’t a picky eater. On the plus side, all the treats that you get from BarkBox are made from ingredients that are safe and healthy for your dog.


I did have a friend who tried BarkBox, but complained for the simple fact that her dog destroyed the toys within an hour of getting them. Now if you’re just looking for durable toys then BarkBox may not be for you because you don’t always get durable toys. I would still recommend it, because you definitely get what you paid for. You get billed monthly and can cancel whenever you want. If you sign up by following the link bellow you will get a free BarkBox with your subscription!

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