Kato and his Bark Box: The Bully Stick

Hello, in this post I’m going to share a memory of Kato and his Bark Box subscription. I plan to start a video blog series soon where I will unbox Kato’s Bark Box with him. I signed Kato up for Bark Box in July of last year. I have a few memories with Kato and the items that he has received within each box. As stated before in a previous post, I recommend Bark Box to any dog lover, but for the ones who have dogs that just love to chew on everything, you should check out Bullymake Box.

The first memory I have with Kato and Bark Box would have to be his first box. Kato had no idea what he was getting in the mail, or that he was getting anything in the mail. In this box, Kato received a baseball bat squeaky toy, a kong toy in the shape of a beer can, treats, and of course a bully stick. I was so excited to see how Kato would react.

Kato loved his treats from his first box, but wasn’t too enthused about the squeaky toy. For a while, Kato would cry whenever I would try and play with him, using the bat. I couldn’t understand why. I would throw the toy and Kato would run after it, but he would cry as he approached the toy. Even with it in his mouth, he would still cry. It could be that maybe because it was his first squeak toy, he didn’t know what to do with it or what was going on. Eventually that toy was put up on a high shelf and Kato didn’t get to play with it for months.

Another memory from this box would be the Bully stick. Kato absolutely loved this particular treat in his box. Kato loved it so much that he choked himself, while trying to eat it. Lessons learned for this first time mom of paws. After opening the box and seeing all of its contents, I unwrapped the bully stick and let Kato have at it. As I’m sitting on the couch with my boyfriend, talking to him, we start to hear coughing and gagging. We both look over at Kato, who starts to walk around, still gagging with the bully stick hanging straight out the center of his mouth. I start to panic a little and we both call him over to us. I’ve never helped a dog stop choking before and have no clue how to help with that. My boyfriend doesn’t even know what to do in that situation.

I was quick on my feet and crawled off the couch to him. Then, without even thinking twice about it, I reached my hand into his mouth and pulled the bully stick out. It not only worked, but it also grossed my boyfriend out. The entire bully stick was still intact despite half of it being chewed. It’s no wonder Kato choked on it. My boyfriend’s immediate reaction was, “Okay that is gross. Like, I wouldn’t have been able to do what you just did.” This actually made me laugh, because like I stated before, I wasn’t even thinking before I moved. Moms will do anything for their young.

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