Unboxing Videos and My Failure

Since last April I have discovered this whole world of YouTubers who have channels dedicated to unboxing monthly subscription boxes. I found these unboxing videos after I signed up for Loot Crate, as previously mentioned in an earlier post this month. Coincidently, a month or so later I was watching this new show on Disney Channel, about these two teenage girls’ online video blog. In one of the episodes, the main characters also find out about this fad. Ever since then I have watched a few channels on YouTube about unboxing videos.

One channel that I started with is a girl who goes by NerdyNewb. There were several unboxing videos that she has done that left me doing nothing but complaining. I just didn’t understand why a person would buy a subscription when they knew nothing about the theme. I would also sit and complain about her lack of knowledge on some of the items she would get. If you’re going to call yourself a nerd I would expect you to at least have a great deal of knowledge of what you’ll be discussing. Yet with all that negativity I couldn’t seem to stop watching her videos.

When deciding if I wanted to sign up for a different subscription box I turned to YouTube for reviews. One subscription was HorrorBlock which brought me to a girl known as HorrorWhore. I found much more satisfaction with HorrorWhore’s unboxing videos than I did with NerdyNewb’s, because HorrorWhore actually knows her horror genre. I always look forward to her Horror Block unboxing videos, and love her décor in the background. I also enjoy her insight of the movies. I think she’s seen all of them. There needs to be a movie macabre with HorrorWhore and Elvira. I would love to see those two have a movie discussion.

The recent channel that I have grown fond of is one that belongs to Connor O’Brien. I found this channel while browsing unboxing videos of BarkBox. I love the videos that Connor puts together with his husky Nanook and other family members’ dogs. He actually started his channel as a video blog series of book reviews. I didn’t even know people did those! Later on he started to do unboxing videos of BarkBox and has eventually done videos of other subscriptions for dogs. From watching Connor’s videos I learned that I should always check to the treats that I give Kato, because it’s best to give a dog treats made here in the United States or in Canada.

It was after watching Connor’s videos that I decided to try making my own unboxing videos of BarkBox. I noticed how many views Connor would get on each video and it even helped him with referrals. I’ve been trying to refer people to BarkBox since I started subscribing, but they either don’t pay attention to it or they sign up without me. Plus I’m always posting about Kato’s boxes.

This past Tuesday I was eager to come home from work, because Kato’s box had arrived the day before. I let Kato out to use the bathroom and started prepping to record the unboxing. I chose to sit down in “Kato’s corner”, a place in the house where all but Kato’s bed sits. I sat on the floor with Kato and hit record.

Unfortunately there is no video to show of the unboxing. It was a total failure. Kato was excited the minute I opened the box, which I eventually found out why. Kato kept walking in front of the camera, blocking me, he wouldn’t listen and tended to walk out of the shot when he had grown bored. I too had my issues. Since I had just clocked off from work, I was a bit scattered brain and kept losing my train of thought. After I had opened everything from the box, I decided to give up. There was no way I would redo the video and at that point I just didn’t want to. Unboxing videos are supposed to be fun and I wasn’t having any.

To make up for the lack of a video, I will list the items Kato received in the April 2017 BarkBox! This month’s theme was New York. The first item was a rope toy designed to look like pretzel, which Kato has already destroyed. The next toy was a ball that resembled the Statue of Liberty. When I reordered my subscription I decided to expand it to adding an extra toy in each box. I just wanted to spoil Kato! Kato also received two treats and a deer stick.

When I first started pulling items out of the box I started to get a whiff of something that smelled bad. I thought the smell was coming from the trash, because it was sitting a few feet away from me. I soon learned it was actually coming from the box. I pulled out a bag of Kato’s new treats and started opening it. I took one sniff and found the source of the smell. Kato just received a bag of treats made with 100% fish. Despite the smell Kato loves them! We both are excited to see what next month brings.

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