Stolen Apples

Today’s story involves three people and two apples. Earlier today, while putting together my first series bible, I came across a journal I kept during my senior year of high school. This was a journal that I used for some school projects, quotes, my future book prompts, and a few diary entries. While flipping through it, I found a page that contained an interaction that took place during a lunch period between myself and two other friends. I loved that I actually wrote it down, because it was moments like those that I would always treasure and laugh about for years to come. Enjoy!

So in one day during senior year, when I wasn’t in the AS-4 classroom of the JROTC wing, I was eating lunch with a few of my friends. I was sitting next to my friend Diquan, who always brought his own lunch to school and would sometimes give me his Cheese-Its. Diquan was sitting to my right and my friend Lucinda was sitting to my left. Across the table from us approached my friend Michael and his track buddy Jeremy. Those two guys always had a knack for taking several apples from the lunch line and would save them to eat after practice later.

Michael on the right, sporting his track achievements during homecoming week.

For a little background, I’ve know all of these people since middle school. Lucinda and I didn’t always have the best relationship as friends, because she would grow annoyed with someone if she was around them long enough. The friendship mended itself due to me not really being around her in high school. Diquan and I have always had a close friendship even if we don’t even see each other for years. I haven’t seen him since graduation but our bond is still strong. As for Michael and Jeremy, we use to ride the same bus until I moved out of the old neighborhood. Jeremy and I were both immature in middle school but had no resentment towards each other in high school. Again it was one of those relationships that mended itself. As for Michael, we were actually boyfriend and girlfriend at one point. He also went to a different high school until our senior year. Now back to the story.

Diquan and myself in out AP English course, a class that took place after this lunch period.

Diquan, Lucinda, and I aren’t really paying attention to Michael and Jeremy at this point. It wasn’t until Michael took the two apples that he has and holds them under his shirt like boobies. Michael runs over and rubs them against Diquan’s head. Annoyed, Diquan reaches up and takes one of Michael’s apples. “It’s like that?” Michael asks as he walks back over to his previous spot across the table. Diquan then hands me the apple, and I’ve got a mouth full of Cheese-Its. Michael starts to give me a sympathetic look.

I looked Michael straight in the eye, spit my tongue out (with the masticated Cheese-Its on it) and laid it on the apple. Michael’s face went from sympathetic to horrified. Michael’s face grew more horrified as I continued to take a bite out of the apple. Michael’s features told me he was close to contemplating suicide.

I handed the apple back to Michael and both me and Diquan entered a hysterical laughter. “Why would you do that?” Michael asked, as Diquan reached over and stole his other apple. Diquan, once again, hands me the apple.

“Well here!” I said, and proceeded to repeat the process I with the second apple. I was just having fun with Michael. I handed Michael back this apple and continued to laugh with Diquan. Michael just stood there staring at us and then the apples.

“You’re lucky I dated you in middle school, so I know what your mouth tastes like,” Michael said before taking a bite out of one of the apples in the same spot that I did. “Why would you do that?” At this point I’m just rolling with it.

“I thought it was an aphrodisiac.”

“I was saving these for after school but now I have to eat them.”

“Well you can still save them,” said Diquan.

“No I can’t because if I put them in a bag they’ll get brown,” said Michael.

That is where the story ends. There were no bad feelings during this whole situation. Michael was trying to mess around with Diquan, so I messed around with him. Things like this always happened among the boys, so Michael knew it was more of a prank than anything else. It does make me laugh just remembering it.

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